Reduce the Risk of Email Data Leaks

An easy way to encrypt outgoing emails across your organization.

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Intermedia Email Encryption

Facilitate Compliance

Designed for HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, California's Security Breach Notification Act, and others.

Prevent Leaks and Data Breaches

Monitor email content, identify confidential info that leaves your company and track where it is distributed.

HIPPA Compliant Templates

Includes pre-built rules to determine which emails contain Protected Health Information (PHI).

Easy for Users and Admins

The right balance between ease-of-use and control to satisfy users, admins, and compliance officers.

Prevent Email Leak and Email Data Breaches

As a critical piece of your company’s overall privacy strategy, Email Encryption helps you to monitor email content, identify confidential information that's leaving your company and track where it is being distributed.

This is a powerful compliance tool for organizations in the health care, legal and finance industries or operating in states with privacy protection laws.

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