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Office 365 integration

If you’re using Office 365, you face a number of business and regulatory risks in regards to email protection.

  • You may have storage limits. Some Office 365 email archiving plans limit storage and retention for archived email. That means you could reach a point where your emails aren’t being preserved.
  • You’re only indexing 50 attachment types. Office 365 archiving supports indexing and data extraction for just 50 types of file attachments. This limits your ability to find information during a compliance audit or litigation discovery request.
  • Emails can be removed from your archive. Unless a legal hold is placed on an email, it can be permanently deleted by a user. Office 365’s archiving service doesn’t fully prevent data loss and exposes your business to additional risk.
  • The life of the archive is tied to the life of the mailbox. If you delete a user’s mailbox, the archive is lost as well. So when an employee leaves your company, Office 365 forces you to make an expensive choice: remove the user and lose the archive, or keep the archive—and keep paying for a user who no longer exists.

Because of these limitations, if you’re using Office 365’s archiving and you operate in a regulated industry, you may not be compliant with HIPAA, FINRA, SOX and other regulations.

Add tamper-proof Email Archiving to Office 365

Email Archiving from Intermedia integrates with Office 365 to provide unlimited email archiving, with support for over 500 file types.

It facilitates compliance and speeds eDiscovery by featuring WORM-compliant (Write Once Read Many) tamper-proof storage, 100% data capture across all devices, and ultra-fast search capabilities.

Unlike Microsoft Office 365’s archiving service, Email Archiving from Intermedia helps you avoid litigation costs, manage regulatory compliance, and protect and recover critical business data.

Consider moving to Intermedia's Office in the Cloud

When Intermedia powers your email, Email Archiving adds even greater value to your cloud deployment. Here's why:

  • Simple pricing. Email Archiving adds a simple per-mailbox monthly fee to your bill.
  • One vendor and one bill. Your budgeting and auditing processes remain simple and straightforward.
  • One source of support. No need to remember more phone numbers, account numbers or passwords.
  • Direct integration between email provider and email archive. You never have to worry about incompatibilities.
  • Ensure new users are compliant. You can configure HostPilot to automatically provision Email Archiving for every new user.
  • Plan flexibility. Unlike other providers, you can assign Email Archiving to specific mailboxes, instead of being forced into a one-size-fits-all solution.

A storm pushes CargoTrans into the cloud

When Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast in 2012, it hit CargoTrans IT Director Dominic Assinnari with his own disaster: the main office, server room, and the servers hosting the email and archiving data for CargoTrans were all but wiped out.

“We lost a lot of important data and had to rebuild everything manually. It was a complete mess,” says Assinnari. “That’s when I decided it was time to explore a cloud email hosting and archiving solution.

“Today, we’re very happy we went with Intermedia,” Assinnari says. “It’s been working great and now if we have a power outage or disaster, we can still get our emails and ensure they’re archived.”

Email Archiving Pricing

Email Archiving Pricing

Email Archiving is available standalone or in select Exchange Email plans from Intermedia. Explore the plans and email archiving pricing.


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