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Administrator features

Control for Email Archiving

Email Archiving leverages the user and device permissions you’ve already configured for your other Office in the Cloud services. Get full administrative control from a simple-to-use interface that’s accessed from Intermedia’s HostPilot control panel.

  • Accessibility permissions. Grant different levels of accessibility to the archive
  • End-user permissions. Allow employees to access their personal archives to retrieve emails, attachments or files belonging to them.
  • Implement blanket retention policy. You can implement a single, global blanket retention policy based on your regulatory verticals or storage needs.
  • Reduce end-user requests. Admins generally no longer have to address requests from end users who have lost their email.
  • No local installation of hardware or agents. You can be fully configured, capturing email and performing discovery searches within minutes.
  • No hardware or software licenses to buy.
  • Reporting. Build reports based on the archive activity by date, user, UI action, mailbox and more to review the activity in your archive.
  • Archive the right users. Admins have the flexibility to deploy archiving to all mailboxes within an organization—or to just specific ones.
  • Retain data regardless of employee behavior. In certain circumstances, employees may attempt to erase their personal data. Email Archiving keeps their records immutably stored regardless of attempts to alter or delete it.
  • Better storage management. If your current email provider enforces a mailbox quota, Email Archiving reduces your storage burden.

A storm pushes CargoTrans into the cloud

When Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast in 2012, it hit CargoTrans IT Director Dominic Assinnari with his own disaster: the main office, server room, and the servers hosting the email and archiving data for CargoTrans were all but wiped out.

“We lost a lot of important data and had to rebuild everything manually. It was a complete mess,” says Assinnari. “That’s when I decided it was time to explore a cloud email hosting and archiving solution.

“Today, we’re very happy we went with Intermedia,” Assinnari says. “It’s been working great and now if we have a power outage or disaster, we can still get our emails and ensure they’re archived.”

Email Archiving Pricing

Email Archiving Pricing

Email Archiving is available standalone or in select Exchange Email plans from Intermedia. Explore the plans and email archiving pricing.


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