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Manage SaaS license costs

AppID helps reduce the two main causes of wasted money across your cloud footprint: license waste and support calls.

Reduce support calls

With AppID, it’s simple for users to add web apps to their portal. Every web app that they add is one less password they have to remember. By reducing the number of passwords in circulation, you’ll find a significant decrease in the number of password-related calls to your support team.

Reduce license waste

AppID gives you a top-down view of web app usage across your organization by providing a picture of which users are actually using which web apps. This lets you spot overlapping functionality to consolidate services (you don’t need to pay for Box, DropBox AND SecuriSync, for example). It also lets you ensure that all the licenses you’re paying for are actually being used.

Manage access to your cloud footprint from a single point

Intermedia AppID centralizes access to your business web apps into a single one-click portal—whether they’re developed internally, hosted by Intermedia or provided by other companies. You can manage access details for individual users, specific web apps under management, and much more.

We provide more than 1,500 pre-configured web apps that are ready to go, saving you time during setup. But since Intermedia AppID can support virtually any web app, we also make it easy to add new web apps for your users.

Leverage your existing directory tools to avoid duplicating effort

Most web apps have their own user identity stores. This is why users have to remember unique logins for each of the web apps that they access. Intermedia AppID eliminates this headache by integrating with your on-premises Active Directory.

Not only does this let you leverage your existing identity and access management investments, but you can extend them to any internal or external web application.

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