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Simple administration

Intermedia AppID also reduces the burden on IT. That’s because it offers many self-service features that allow employees to perform common actions without requiring IT assistance.

Intermedia AppID can increase productivity across your company by letting you:

  • Centralize access to every web app. No more frantic requests from users who can’t find their login URLs or passwords.
  • Reduce help desk calls. Users can provision their own web apps, reset their passwords and more—all without help from IT.
  • Give users easy access to favorites. Users can build a row of "favorite" web apps that appear at the top of their Intermedia AppID portal.
  • Allow access on virtually any computer. Employees can access their Intermedia AppID portal from a web browser without introducing any additional security risks.
  • Offer web app access on mobile devices. Employees can use their iOS or Android devices to access the same Intermedia AppID portal that they use on their PCs.

Revoke access instantly

What if a user’s device is lost or stolen? What if the user leaves the company? With Intermedia AppID, you can revoke a user’s access to their portal in one click. This provides excellent protection against unauthorized access to your company’s data and services.

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