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Prevent password leaks

In the days of desktop-based applications, it was easy for employees to find and launch the tools they needed to use.

Today, while web apps offer dramatic benefits to IT and employees alike, the proliferation of these web apps can reduce employee productivity by forcing them to constantly hunt for login URLs and remember multiple usernames and passwords.

Intermedia AppID lets IT extend a single point of access to an employee’s cloud footprint—with just one password to remember.

This makes it easier for employees to find and access web apps—which helps them to remain focused on doing their jobs.

AppID makes mobile access easy

AppID offers an app for iOS and Android. For both these mobile platforms, employees get one-touch access to their web-based services.

  • Simple to provision. The iOS app is available in Apple’s App Store, and the Android app can be downloaded from Google Play.
  • No more typing long URLs. AppID eliminates the frustration of mobile logins and passwords. It gives employees one-touch access to their business tools from their mobile device.

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