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Too many cloud apps?

Web apps deliver tremendous benefits in terms of cost of ownership, user productivity, and IT agility. That’s why businesses have embraced the cloud so rapidly—56% of organizations use 6 or more SaaS applications1—and why the number of small companies using paid web apps is expected to triple in the next three years.2

But the increasing number of web apps quickly overwhelms IT’s ability to ensure security, manage costs and maintain control. This creates multiple problems, including:

Insecure user password practices

It’s impossible for the average user to remember dozens of strong passwords. They end up taking shortcuts: reusing passwords, creating weak passwords, storing passwords in email, and even pasting them to their monitors. 76% of network intrusions exploit weak or stolen passwords3.

As businesses provision more cloud services, user password behavior generally gets less secure and over-simplified. That’s because the average user cannot remember strong passwords for the 14+ cloud services they typically access today.

Inability to manage or revoke access

In many companies, IT has to scramble to revoke a departing employee’s access to web apps—and, sometimes, these apps can slip through the cracks. What’s more, users often provision web apps on their own, and IT has no idea that company data is now being housed in yet another location.

Lack of visibility into license costs

When IT does not have the ability to closely monitor usage or license status, companies end up overpaying for their web apps. 81% of employees use at least one SaaS app without IT approval4.

Inability to create cross-service IT efficiencies

With multiple web services to manage for every user, IT has to manage multiple vendors with multiple control panels, multiple passwords and multiple sources of support—as well as the mobility, integration and security complexities introduced by each one.

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