Stranded Oil Powers all its Core IT Services with Intermedia

Oil and gas exploration firm saves $100K per year by replacing eight vendors with Intermedia’s integrated suite of applications for business email, voice, file sharing and backup


Intermedia, a one-stop shop for cloud IT services, today announced that Stranded Oil Resources Corporation has implemented Intermedia’s full suite of applications for its core IT functions, including business email, voice, file backup and sharing and more. With Intermedia, Stranded Oil achieves a 40 percent savings – totaling $100K per year – by consolidating all of its solutions under one vendor, versus the eight IT service providers that the company used previously.

Too many vendors resulted in a lack of IT oversight and system vulnerabilities

Stranded Oil’s IT team serves more than 100 users all with different needs, so its existing “one size fits all” solution mix wasn’t working. Some employees of the oil and natural gas exploration firm work in the field and rarely use a computer, while others are power users, requiring desk phones and computers to seamlessly collaborate and share files. In an effort to manage the disparate needs of each employee, Stranded Oil ended up with an assortment of systems from eight separate IT vendors.

Managing eight email servers made the onboarding and offboarding of users tedious and time consuming. Stranded Oil often unknowingly invested time and money into abandoned accounts. Similar problems also emerged with file backup and collaboration. With many employees using personal Dropbox® accounts for company files, Stranded Oil’s IT team was unable to manage the stored information, or secure company data when employees departed.

As a result of these fragmented systems, control panels, platforms and monthly flurry of vendor bills, Stranded Oil’s IT team faced countless security vulnerabilities, reliability issues and ghost users, while still paying more than $18K per month – or $180 per user.

Stranded Oil turns to Intermedia to take a consolidated approach to IT  

Intermedia’s comprehensive application suite, Office in the Cloud™ offered Stranded Oil the ability to resolve these tactical challenges. Stranded Oil deployed all of Intermedia’s services, including Exchange Email, POP Email, Cloud PBX, SecuriSync® file backup and sharing, Email Archiving and even its Cloud Server application infrastructure. Stranded Oil now benefits from enterprise grade security, a 99.999% uptime service level agreement and 24/7 support with just one number to call for everything.

Now with employee changes, Stranded Oil’s IT team uses Intermedia’s HostPilot® control panel to activate or deactivate all of the user’s applications with the click of a button. By accessing essential IT services through one provider, the previous limitations and restrictions Stranded Oil faced have disappeared. As an added bonus, Stranded Oil has been able to cut hefty, upfront and recurring costs.

“Intermedia not only offered us a quick and comprehensive solution, with premium service that allows our whole business to operate more efficiently,” said Kevin Finnegan, IT Sustainment Manager for Stranded Oil. “We worked with their team to implement quickly and painlessly integrated solutions for every one of our IT needs. Intermedia exceeds our expectations across the board – from its robust solutions and reliability to the team’s accessibility and the personalized support we receive – in a manner that I’ve never seen from any other vendor. Going with Intermedia is easily the biggest technology improvement and gain that we’ve made.”

“Companies today want one, dependable provider to cover all of their IT needs,” said Jonathan McCormick, COO at Intermedia. “A hodgepodge of solutions from various vendors is often difficult to manage and can result in reliability issues and unnecessary costs. Our application suite is designed for businesses and Managed Service Providers that that care about reliability and compliance, and place a premium on support. By providing access to critical business solutions under one pane of glass, both users and IT administrators can achieve significant cross-service efficiencies. As an added benefit, these streamlined operations often result in reduced business costs, as seen with Stranded Oil.”

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