IT Staff Love Their Jobs, Research Shows

Thanksgiving survey reveals IT staff are less likely to suffer abuse from coworkers and three times more likely to ‘feel appreciated’


IT staff members are over 3 times more likely to 'feel appreciated' than other corporate staff, according to a survey released today. The research, by business email provider Intermedia, also found IT staff 21% less likely to say 'I am considering quitting my job'.

Despite a widespread perception that IT departments are dissatisfied and subjected to daily abuse, the poll of 500 corporate staff found that IT workers are verbally assaulted 20% less than other colleagues, as well as 10% less likely to take the heat - undeservedly - for a project delay.

The survey of staff at small and mid-sized businesses using Intermedia's hosted business e-mail service also reveals that:

"There is certainly a prevailing sentiment that users get frustrated with technology and that IT staff bear the brunt," said Rurik Bradbury, VP of Strategy for Intermedia. "It is refreshing to see that many IT staff do feel appreciated and happy in their jobs."

For access to the complete survey results, please contact Michael Sacks at [email protected] or (212) 827-3749.