Intermedia Launches Recurring Commission for Affiliate Partners

Intermedia, the world's largest Microsoft Exchange hosting provider, today announced an expansion to its partner program, specifically the affiliate track.


Intermedia, the world's largest Microsoft Exchange hosting provider, today announced an expansion to its partner program, specifically the affiliate track. The program now includes an option for affiliates to earn recurring commissions on new accounts – as well as any growth on the account over its lifetime. Affiliates who prefer upfront commissions retain that option.

The new commission opportunities have been received positively by Intermedia's 2000-member affiliate community. "We are an IT solutions provider in San Diego and have done many in-house Exchange implementations," says Jason Scharton, owner, SOHOtech, an Intermedia affiliate. "Over time, we realized that it is much more cost and time effective to offload this service to a third party provider. Intermedia is the best Exchange provider out there by far in regards to reliability, support, interface, sales, and ease of setup. We have even switched clients from other Exchange providers to Intermedia, and they have been extremely happy. The best part is that we are still making money on a monthly basis with the recurring commission program."

Intermedia offers two reseller programs. The private label partner program is for those who wish to generate recurring revenue from existing and new customers with high margin hosted communications services – all under their own brand – while Intermedia maintains, monitors and upgrades all hardware and software. The affiliate program is for partners that prefer to promote Intermedia solutions and earn a commission for each sale they make. Intermedia's Affiliate Program has grown nearly 25 percent thus far this year.

"Our affiliate program offers a unique opportunity for partners who want to earn a recurring revenue or large upfront commission on any of their active accounts," says Bob Leibholz, senior vice president of sales and business development, Intermedia. "The model is flexible. Affiliates can be as involved in the sales process and post sales process as they would like. Most Intermedia affiliates work closely with our sales team. The trust factor our affiliates have with the end customer is a powerful combination with our knowledge of the products. Once a customer is signed up, Intermedia bills and supports the customer directly and compensates the affiliate accordingly."

Intermedia affiliates have a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace.