Intermedia Launches Hosted PBX VoIP Telephone Service to Its Reseller Partners

Exchange-Based Unified Communications Available for Resale by MSPs and VARs


Intermedia, the world’s largest Microsoft Exchange hosting provider, today announced it is making hosted PBX service available for resale by its existing and future partners. Starting next week, these managed service providers, value-added resellers, and other technology providers will be able to sell and support Intermedia’s hosted PBX under their own brand as members of Intermedia’s Private Label Partner Program.

Intermedia’s hosted PBX is a business-grade VoIP telephone service that can be tightly integrated with Intermedia’s hosted Microsoft Exchange. “I am happy to see the convergence of voice, email, and instant messaging in Intermedia’s hosted Exchange offering,” says Brett Scudder, president of Intermedia partner The Scudder’s InfoTech SecuriCity Foundation, Inc. “The hosted PBX service enables our customers to take better command of their productivity and business, right from Outlook or their mobile phone. Intermedia has again strengthened its platform, services, and resources to make the cloud an affordable and valuable resource. A partnership with Intermedia will make successful and productive customers for us.”

“Hosted PBX gives our partners, who traditionally sell in the email space, a very simple way to sell voice to their customers – and for those already in the voice market, to develop a robust unified communications offering,” adds Bob Leibholz, SVP sales and business development, Intermedia. “This presents opportunity for our partners to better serve their customers – and get a bigger share of those customers’ IT spend in the process.”

Built specifically with small and medium-sized businesses in mind, Intermedia’s hosted PBX enables users to access not only hosted PBX features such as unlimited domestic calling and extension dialing, but also unified communications (UC) features such as “voicemail to email” and “click to call.”

“Given the publicity around Skype and Google Voice, companies are taking notice of VoIP solutions, but they want one built for businesses, not consumers, with more professional features,” continues Leibholz. “Our resellers can move into the voice marketplace with a business-grade service that can be tightly integrated into Microsoft Exchange and the Outlook experience.”

Hosted PBX can serve as a simple front end for small businesses, providing a professional greeting, voicemails that are sent to email, call routing, and more. The VoIP telephone service expands into full unified communications when customers add hosted Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) and the OCS Calling feature. OCS is a business-class instant messaging service. Calls can be placed to any instant messaging contact in OCS or any contact in Outlook with a click of the mouse. Every hosted PBX account also comes with end user features including a direct phone number, unique extension, E911 Service, caller ID, call waiting, call transfer, call forwarding and 3-way calling.

The VoIP service is provided by Intermedia’s VoIP partner, Unison Communications, Inc.

Intermedia’s Partner Program

Intermedia empowers thousands of MSPs, VARs and IT consultants – as well as select Fortune 500 companies – to sell communications services under their own brand. Intermedia offers two reseller programs. The private label partner program is for those who wish to generate recurring revenue from existing and new customers with high margin hosted communications services – all under their own brand – while Intermedia maintains, monitors and upgrades all hardware and software. The affiliate program is for partners that prefer to promote Intermedia solutions and earn a commission for each sale they make.