Intermedia Launches Contact Center AI-driven Analytics to Help Businesses Identify Critical Insights from Customer Interactions

Intermedia Interaction Analytics™, a new feature of Intermedia Intelligent Contact Center™, helps businesses capture the voice of the customer by automating trend recognition of key words and phrases from daily customer interactions to surface insights that can materially improve business performance


Sunnyvale, CA, June 23, 2022 - Intermedia Cloud Communications, a leading provider of cloud communications and collaboration solutions to businesses and the partners that serve them, today announced the release of Intermedia Interaction Analytics, a new artificial intelligence (AI)-based feature that has been added to Intermedia Intelligent Contact Center. Many businesses receive hundreds, if not thousands, of customer calls each day with valuable customer data embedded within those calls. However, important business insights from customer engagements may be lost, and therefore inaccessible to business leaders, due to the sheer volume of interactions. Intermedia Interaction Analytics and its AI engine can now illuminate the powerful business insights from patterns within high volumes of customer calls.

Intermedia Interaction Analytics transcribes every call (including voicemail) that comes through one or more designated call queues. It then uses artificial intelligence to analyze the call and assign sentiment tags based on the ratio of positive to negative words. Those with access to call recordings can use the recording search filter to search by sentiment or even by keyword or phrase. Supervisors can also automatically flag calls for further evaluation based on key phrases.

The information gathered through Intermedia Interaction Analytics has broad application across most business functions within an organization. Some examples include:

  • Support - Customer support managers can be alerted to key phrases like "cancel" to see how frontline representatives handle various situations and train as needed for improved outcomes;
  • Product - Product teams can receive alerts for terms such as "broken" or "missing" to identify opportunities for product improvements or the development of new products or features;
  • Sales - Sales managers can search positive and negative conversations to identify techniques and pitches that are working or can be improved; and
  • Marketing - Marketing teams can utilize feedback to adjust campaigns with messaging that better identifies customer needs.

Intermedia Interaction Analytics is the latest business process improvement feature to be added to Intermedia Intelligent Contact Center. Intermedia Intelligent Contact Center uses a combination of AI, workflow automation, virtual agents, intelligent call routing, integrations, reporting, and employee collaboration tools to help businesses of all sizes reduce costs and improve the customer experience, all without the need to add additional resources. Plus, because it’s in the cloud, Intermedia Intelligent Contact Center lets employees deliver superior customer care from anywhere. "Ensuring high service quality with limited resources is the current reality for most businesses," said Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst at Aragon Research. "To make that reality manageable, customer experience vendors need to deliver practical AI solutions businesses can use today, not 6 months from now. Intermedia Interaction Analytics and tools like it go a long way in helping businesses deliver excellent customer service even if they may be experiencing staffing shortages."

Intermedia Intelligent Contact Center is being utilized by organizations of all sizes across a wide variety of industries to help deliver a higher level of quality customer care – from local physician offices, law practices, real estate companies, financial firms, and government municipalities to national retailers and healthcare providers. Intermedia Intelligent Contact Center is available directly to customers and through Intermedia’s partner ecosystem as either an integrated component of Intermedia Unite® - the all-in-one cloud communications and collaboration platform that, in addition to contact center, includes voice, video conferencing, chat, file sharing and backup, and more - or as a standalone solution that can be integrated with existing phone systems.

Koray Parmaks, Intermedia’s Vice President of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), said, "Intermedia Intelligent Contact Center gives businesses and the partners that serve them the tools they need today to deliver an outstanding customer experience without the cost, complexity, resource requirement, and prolonged implementation time experienced with competing solutions. With the addition of Intermedia Interaction Analytics, business leaders are now able to sift, more easily and efficiently, through all of the calls within their sphere of control to identify the customer conversations that have the biggest impact on their success. And for partners, Intermedia Interaction Analytics adds even more value to a solution built to help their customers deliver exceptional customer experiences."

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