Intermedia Empowers Partners with Powerful, Intuitive Tool to Move Customers to the Cloud

Cloud Concierge™ Onboarding Tool and 24/7 Live Support Team Give Partners Control of a Smooth, Worry-free Migration Experience for their Customers


Intermedia, a global leader in cloud services and the world’s largest Microsoft Exchange hosting provider, is making it even easier for its partners to migrate their small and medium-sized business customers’ Exchange mailboxes to the cloud. Intermedia has released its proprietary Cloud Concierge Onboarding Tool exclusively to its channel partners. This tool allows partners to fully control the onboarding experience, from account creation through object creation, data migration and cutover.

Intermedia, as the largest Exchange hoster in the industry, has developed and used the powerful and intuitive Cloud Concierge Onboarding Tool to migrate over 300,000 users since 2010. Partners, who are now able to use the tool, will be supported by Intermedia’s free 24/7 live support and can even have Intermedia’s team of onboarding experts handle the entire migration completely free of charge.

"Intermedia's onboarding tool has helped our business migrate customers very quickly and efficiently. It's extremely easy to use and has really helped us control the entire onboarding process to meet our customers’ needs,” said Jason Tucker, service coordinator at VISI, a leading data center solutions provider in Minnesota.

“Intermedia's Cloud Concierge onboarding team is top-notch. I’ve done many migrations to different vendor clouds. What I truly appreciate about Intermedia’s team is its focus on the details of each migration. Team members listen to the specifics of the case, apply their deep knowledge and expertise, plan for and then execute a worry-free end-user experience," said Denise Hyatt-Roberts of Cyber Services, Inc.

“The migration and onboarding experience creates the customer’s first impression of their new system,” said Jonathan McCormick, COO, Intermedia. “A smooth experience builds a strong and trusting partner relationship immediately, while giving customers confidence in the solution. Our goal is to minimize onboarding interruptions, assure fidelity and proceed at the pace our partners and customers require. Our Cloud Concierge Onboarding Tool gives our partners the control they need to nail this first experience every time.”

Control, Convenience and Support

Intermedia’s Cloud Concierge Onboarding Tool gives partners full control over every aspect of hosted Exchange setup and migration. Whether moving from in-house systems, third-party systems or IMAP, the tool guides partners, step-by-step, through all the critical aspects of the setup process, including:

While currently focused on Exchange, the tool will be expanded to support Intermedia’s Hosted PBX and Cloud Server customers in the near future.

Partners interested in more information can call 1-800-379-7729 option 6 or visit

About Intermedia

Intermedia is the premier provider of cloud services to small and medium-sized businesses and the world’s largest third-party provider of hosted Microsoft Exchange. Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud™ suite offers essential business services—including hosted Exchange, Hosted PBX and Cloud Server—that enable customers to communicate, collaborate, manage content and run their business applications. All of these services are managed using Intermedia’s powerful HostPilot™ control panel. Intermedia’s services are delivered from top-tier datacenters, protected by enterprise-grade security, and supported by its premium 24/7 customer care. Fully integrated and designed for mobility, these services provide a worry-free experience that keeps customers focused on doing business. Intermedia also empowers thousands of partners—including MSPs and select Fortune 500 companies—to sell cloud services under their own brand. Founded in 1995, Intermedia was the first to offer hosted Microsoft Exchange. Today, Intermedia’s Business Cloud powers over 550,000 premium hosted Exchange mailboxes—far more than any other provider. For more information, visit