Intermedia AppID® Enterprise Introduces a New Approach to Identity and Access Management That Is Device and Location Aware

Dynamic Identity and Access Management provides adaptive risk-based access to web applications and data anytime, anywhere and virtually any device


Alongside the increased adoption of cloud and mobility technologies in the enterprise environment, there is a general expectation to have 24x7 access to web applications and data from personal and company-owned mobile devices and from any location. In fact, Intermedia saw 446,752 mobile devices newly activated on its network in 2014. With this in mind, Intermedia introduces “Dynamic Identity and Access Management,” a set of features and approaches within Intermedia AppID® Enterprise that, combined, automatically adapts and securely responds to changes in user types and behavior- as users move around and pick up different mobile devices to complete tasks from any location.

Dynamic Identity and Access Management starts with policies that define when users can authenticate to and access particular applications based on contextual knowledge of where the user is and whether the mobile device with which they are attempting to gain access is trusted or untrusted. For example, access to financial or HR web apps may be restricted to company office locations or for remote users to specific IP addresses. Context-based authentication helps reduce risk by bringing contextual awareness and additional user data into the authentication process.

Dynamic Identity and Access Management can be applied not only to access to web applications, but also authorization to specific features and functions – and data presented – within the web application. Intermedia AppID Enterprise is application feature aware, and application shaping can be used to limit access to high-risk features such as export, share and download. In addition, Dynamic Password Management is included in this solution, which automates the selection and changing of passwords – and helps ensure that passwords are not only as long and strong as the applications will support but also unique across all accounts.  This helps eliminate the impact that human intervention has historically had on the process of choosing credentials.

“Dynamic Identity and Access Management addresses the authentication and authorization management challenges associated with the way people work today,” said Richard Walters, General Manager and Vice President of Identity and Access Management (IAM) at Intermedia. “It enables cloud adoption through more flexible policies, unlocking productivity and cost benefits, without a negative impact to security.”

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About Intermedia AppID Enterprise:

As companies embrace the Cloud, the number of web applications in the enterprise IT environment quickly adds up—and quickly overwhelms IT’s ability to ensure data security, manage costs and maintain control. Intermedia AppID Enterprise is a broad platform for cloud application management that goes beyond Single Sign-On (SSO) and helps companies reduce risk, improve data security, achieve compliance and increase productivity and control.

About Intermedia:

Intermedia is a one-stop shop for cloud business applications. Its Office in the Cloud™ suite integrates the essential IT services that companies need to do business, including identity and access management, email, voice, file syncing and sharing, conferencing, instant messaging, mobility, security and archiving. Office in the Cloud goes beyond unified communications to encompass a wide breadth of fundamental IT services, delivered by a single provider. Intermedia serves over 65,000 businesses and has more than 5,500 active partners, including VARs, MSPs, telcos and cable companies.


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