Don’t Be Rude – Intermedia Survey Finds 81% Say Taking Conference Calls in Public Is Inappropriate

School may be out, but business etiquette is always in session


The lazy days of summer don’t mean lethargic business communications etiquette says Intermedia, a global leader in cloud services and the largest Microsoft Exchange hosting provider. Intermedia’s business communications survey, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Intermedia, reviewed the appropriateness level of various communications situations. According to the survey, 81 percent of respondents1 say it is somewhat/completely inappropriate to take a conference call on a cell phone while in public. On the other hand, after-hours texting between colleagues isn’t seen widely as impolite, with over half saying it is okay to do so.

Further survey findings include:

“New tools for communication – from tablets to social media – are creating new etiquette questions,” says Manlio Carrelli, CMO, Intermedia. “Common sense still applies to issues like taking conference calls in public settings – be respectful of your neighbors. Questions like using emoticons are more nuanced. For instance, many of the global small businesses we work with find emoticons occasionally useful for communicating tone across borders, but using them in other settings, such as when sending a sales proposal, is likely not appropriate.”

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For an info graphic representing the survey data, see Intermedia’s Resource Center.

1 Respondents are full- and part-time employed adults in the US who have colleagues. This survey was conducted online from May 12-16, 2011 among 2,398 US adults by Harris Interactive on behalf of Intermedia.