Business File Backup and File Sharing Converge in SecuriSync® by Intermedia

SecuriSync bridges the gap in enterprise file management, marking the convergence of two massive markets: online backup & recovery and enterprise file sync & share


Mountain View, Calif. – February 11, 2016—Intermedia, a one-stop shop for cloud IT services, announces that SecuriSync by Intermedia now integrates a comprehensive suite of file backup features with its already complete file sync and share features.

This major product release indicates the emergence of a new product category: 2-in-1 cloud backup and file sharing.

Instead of deploying multiple vendors for different aspects of file management (e.g., Dropbox®, Box™ or OneDrive® for file sync and share; Carbonite®, CrashPlan® or Mozy® for file backup), businesses now only need a single tool for using, managing and protecting user files.

SecuriSync is the first affordable 2-in-1 solution that’s comprehensive enough for businesses of all sizes. It can be deployed as part of Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud™, as a standalone service, or to complement Office 365™ with additional file backup and sharing capabilities that integrate with Word, Outlook® and other Microsoft® Office apps.

SecuriSync’s backup features have been added with no change to pricing, which starts at $4.99 per user, per month. The features are now generally available to new customers and partners, including partners reselling through Ingram Micro.

Solving the weaknesses of traditional cloud backup

Services like Dropbox and Box have transformed how business users work with files, creating weaknesses in traditional backup’s ability to offer full protection. Neither Dropbox nor Box meet business backup and restore requirements, however, forcing businesses to deploy multiple services with overlapping domains over their files.

SecuriSync eliminates the need for multiple services for file management. It offers file syncing and sharing tools to support user productivity, admin controls over files to protect corporate data, and now file backup and restore functionality. This combination eliminates traditional cloud backup’s weak spots. Benefits of SecuriSync include:

Creating new opportunities for channel partners

A driving force behind SecuriSync’s evolution was feedback from Intermedia’s 6,000+ active channel partners.

SecuriSync’s new 2-in-1 features let channel partners offer additional value to their customers as compared to reselling traditional cloud backup. Partners can add new professional services, increase their margins above traditional cloud backup, and engage users deeper into the workflow to improve customer retention rates. In addition, unlike branded providers such as Dropbox, Box or Office 365, partners are able to resell SecuriSync under a different brand name to fully control pricing, billing, bundling and other elements of their customer relationships.

Resellers also receive support from Intermedia’s award-winning partner program, which makes it easy for partners to sell and manage across the entire customer lifecycle. Intermedia offers partners sales assistance, onboarding support, marketing campaigns-in-a-box and many other benefits.

“As users embrace file sharing and mobile devices, the deficiencies of traditional backup have grown clear,” said Michael Gold, CEO of Intermedia. “That’s why businesses have opted for two separate providers—one for backing up files and another for sharing and managing them. SecuriSync now bridges this gap with a single, cost-effective tool for using, managing and protecting user files. We make it easy for partners and customers to migrate all of their users from separate backup and file sharing services with migration assistance, 24/7 support, file server sync and partner education resources. Now is the time to say goodbye to traditional backup.”

Backed by Intermedia’s Worry-Free Experience™

Comprehensive enough for businesses of all sizes, SecuriSync is backed by Intermedia’s Worry-Free Experience. This includes enterprise-grade security, a 99.999% uptime SLA guaranteeing less than 26 seconds of unplanned monthly downtime, free onboarding assistance and 24/7 phone support with typical hold times of less than 60 seconds.

SecuriSync can be deployed as a standalone service or as an integrated part of Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud, alongside other essential IT services such as Hosted Exchange, Hosted PBX and Microsoft Office. All of Intermedia’s services are managed using its central HostPilot® control panel.


ANALYST QUOTE: Sheryl Kingstone, Director of Research, 451 Research. "Traditional business cloud backup providers have offered users excellent passive file protection. But the introduction of file sync and share products have changed the way in which people are using their data. This has reduced backup’s viability. We’re seeing the need for a convergence of the backup and file sharing categories. Real-time backup eliminates data loss risks presented by point-in-time backup solutions. Further, by eliminating the need for two different apps, businesses can reduce IT management burdens, while gaining an intuitive collaboration solution for managing and protecting user files."

PARTNER QUOTE: Renee Bergeron, VP, Cloud Computing, Ingram Micro. “SecuriSync is a great complement to both Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud and Office 365. By leveraging SecuriSync’s innovative new feature set, Ingram Micro channel partners can better protect and enable their customers while offering higher-value services that were not possible with backup alone, especially as a complement to Office 365.”

ANALYST QUOTE: Sara Radicati, President & CEO, The Radicati Group. “Backup is a crucial component of IT services and Intermedia is addressing this need by integrating backup with its SecuriSync file sync and share service.  The fact that SecuriSync backup and file sharing is available and can be managed on a common platform with hosted Exchange, email security, voice and other cloud services will allow business decision makers and reseller partners to easily create a secure and compliant environment without the risks involved in piecing together solutions from multiple providers. Intermedia offers a well thought out and fully integrated solution that addresses the evolving collaboration needs of their customers.”

CUSTOMER QUOTE: Charles Hausmann, VP, Specialized Services, Peloton. “File restores are quite slow with typical backup vendors. I love how fast the new SecuriSync works to restore and backup files. It’s just another added benefit to using this service. Our product teams are dispersed across the U.S., so we use SecuriSync to disseminate and collaborate on an extensive amount of content for our customers. With SecuriSync, teams can have one master source for each project, so it has become an essential collaboration tool for us.”

About Intermedia

Intermedia is a one-stop shop for cloud business applications. Its Office in the Cloud™ suite integrates the essential IT services businesses need simply to do business—including email, voice, file syncing and sharing, conferencing, instant messaging, identity and access management, mobility, security and archiving.

Intermedia’s services are integrated, secure, mobile-ready and managed from a single control panel—which makes the cloud easier to use and more efficient to manage. All the services offer enterprise-grade security, 99.999% uptime service level agreement and 24/7 phone support with typical hold times of less than 60 seconds.

Intermedia has over 700 employees who work relentlessly to provide more than 70,000 business customers and 6,000 active partners with a Worry-Free Experience™.

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