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Telecommunications Tax Calculation and Remittance for Partners

At Intermedia, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our resellers to sell Intermedia Unite, our Unified Communications and Collaboration service. We know that the complexity of telecommunications taxes has discouraged many providers from offering Unified Communications services. This is why we offer our partners free services for calculating and remitting federal, state and local telecommunications and sales taxes. This guide outlines the various taxes calculated, collected and remitted, as well as Intermedia’s and our partners’ responsibilities.

AccessLine (d/b/a Voice Telco Services) Tariffs

As the provider of certain telecommunications services, AccessLine Communications Corporation (d/b/a Voice Telco Services) is required by the laws of certain states to post tariff-related disclosures on the company’s public website. The company’s required tariff-related disclosures are presented below, listed alphabetically by state.

Canadian Business Numbers
(for GST/HST purposes), Inc. Business Number: 83019 7372 RT0001

AccessLine Communications Corporation Business Number: 73153 2289 RT0001