Hostway and Intermedia

Intermedia is upgrading your dedicated web hosting. This robust Web Hosting environment is powered by Hostway, a leading enterprise web hosting vendor. Check back often — we will continue to update this site to bring you the latest news and resources for a seamless upgrade.

Intermedia & Hostway Partnership FAQs

Why is my web hosting changing?

Intermedia has made a business decision to exit the web hosting business and will be transitioning all web hosting accounts by the end of Q1 2018. As a loyal Intermedia client, we know you expect a best-in-class customer experience. To deliver you the best level of service, we're upgrading your dedicated web hosting account to provide a more robust, feature-rich website—at no additional charge. After researching many providers, we decided to partner with Hostway, a leading IT infrastructure provider, and will soon migrate your account to their service. We are very excited to provide these enhanced services and trust you are in good hands.

Why did Intermedia choose Hostway?

Intermedia chose Hostway because they are a trusted leader in cloud and managed hosting. With 19 years of experience in providing cloud and web hosting services, more than 500,000 organizations trust their business with Hostway. They also have deep experience and demonstrated success in large-scale migrations of customer accounts. Like Intermedia, Hostway is committed to providing each and every customer with the exceptional service they deserve. You will receive 24/7 access to real people via phone, chat or email and expert support for all your web hosting needs. For more, check out Hostway's pledge to customers.

When will my services be upgraded and moved to Hostway?

Hostway will be reaching out to you over the next few weeks to discuss your services. They will build a custom migration path and walk you through the whole process to ensure you you have a smooth transition. 

Can I keep my Web Hosting with Intermedia?

No. All Intermedia dedicated web hosting customers are being upgraded and will be migrated to Hostway in the next couple months.  This upgrade will enhance your current web hosting experience and you stand to gain:

  • Unlimited bandwidth transfer and additional storage capacity
  • Upgraded server hardware, operating systems, and applications that will provide enhanced performance, reliability, and security
  • Upgraded service with option to add advanced features and functionality, such as dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and advanced security and compliance services
Which of my Intermedia services are being moved to Hostway?

Your dedicated server and any POP/IMAP email boxes associated with those accounts will be moved over to Hostway. A Hostway representative will be reaching out to you to confirm any solutions, applications or services prior to Migration. Please expect a contact within the next few weeks.

*Transition of your POP/IMAP email accounts will occur staring in January 2018, after your web hosting is migrated. Until then, you will continue to access your email services through Intermedia.

Are the new dedicated servers managed or unmanaged?

If you have been managing your server with Intermedia, you will continue to have access with Hostway. Unmanaged servers with Intermedia will maintain an unmanaged plan with Hostway. If you are unsure of your plan, this can be confirmed with Hostway when they reach out prior to the migration sync.

What should I expect during the upgrade and move to Hostway?

Hostway will provide you with a white-glove migration and onboarding experience to make the transition as seamless as possible and to avoid any interruption to your services.

They will work closely with your named administrators to ensure that all your data is retained and will be on standby 24/7 to address any issues in real-time. You will be able to preview and confirm that your web files have been migrated correctly before your web hosting service migration is completed.

Will my billing change?

No additional costs will be incurred during this upgrade. You will continue to be billed in accordance with your existing agreement, but billing will now be invoiced through Hostway.

  • I have a pre-paid 12-month account. Will I be refunded the amount unused?

    No. To make it easy for you, the remaining funds have been transferred to Hostway who will provide support through the contract date. Once the contract is up, a new contract will be issued by Hostway.
Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

If you have any questions or require more information about the upgrade, contact us at 866-467-8929 ext 153.

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