Wholesale PC Keeps Client Operational After Blown Transformer

The Background

In the words of CEO Dan Brewster, Wholesale PC, LLC does “everything under the sun,” and their diverse customer base reflects it.

Brewster explains: “While other tech IT companies are afraid to diversify themselves, we act as a VAR, MSP, solution provider, reseller, straight IT shop, and then some. But things really took shape in 2015 after we got Intermedia onboard.”

“We are veteran owned and operated. Every time you deal with us, we act with honor, loyalty, respect and integrity. If we sell you something, you can have the utmost confidence that it will deliver what you need,” shares Brewster. Wholesale PC goes above and beyond with this commitment, ensuring that its clients all have solid business continuity plans in place. Brewster continues: “Unexpected disruptions can be detrimental to businesses. It’s our job to make sure they are prepared for these potential interruptions.”

And it’s a good thing too…

Wholesale PC, LLC

Company Profile:
Wholesale PC is a veteran owned and operated tech IT services company

Headquarters: Spring, Texas

The Challenge

Prior to working with Wholesale PC, Bohlke had been in a real predicament. Bohlke was operating on archaic PBX switch boxes from the eighties, with phones that lacked caller ID screens and even some of the button labels. Their server had just died too. To make matters worse, after realizing the magnitude of the situation, their IT person went rogue. Wholesale PC came in and designed the ideal Intermedia solution suite for Bohlke to permanently get out of this mess.

Brewster explains: “We rewired the whole office building, put them on solid state hard drives, including a new server and a new NAS. For more redundancy, we also switched them from POP email to Exchange. To enable the ability to share files while having them backed up to the cloud as well, we implemented Intermedia’s file backup, sync and sharing application. For cloud voice services, we set Bohlke up with phones for less than the cost of their previous telecom company, and with voicemails linked directly to email so they could be accessed from anywhere.”

Bohlke now had the redundancy in place, and the versatility to work outside of the office. As a best practice, Wholesale PC tests the business continuity plans in place for its clients annually. But, it didn’t take long for a real disaster to test Bohlke’s recovery solution.

The Solution

A transformer had blown in the building. Bohlke called Wholesale PC, and announced that they didn’t have power. Brewster smiled and calmly replied, “Well, the great news is that you have everything you need for your business to function.” Here’s what Brewster’s team did to get Bohlke back up and running:

“We walked them through getting Intermedia’s file backup, sync and sharing application set up on their mobile phones, explaining that their log-in credentials are the same as on their computers. Getting voice services online was even easier – employees just needed to take their desk phones home and plug them in. That simple. With Intermedia’s services, Bohlke could still work from anywhere – no loss of access or time. They were really impressed with how Intermedia’s products worked together so seamlessly to enable business continuity.”

But what was the process like once power was restored and all those files needed to be synced back up to the file server? Brewster explains, “Bohlke had expected to have to take the full day off while all their files from the past two and a half weeks backed up onto the server. But within just hours, everything was synced back up already.”

While other tech IT companies are afraid to diversify themselves, we act as a VAR, MSP, solution provider, reseller, straight IT shop, and then some. But things really took shape in 2015 after we got Intermedia onboard.

Dan Brewster,
CEO, Wholesale PC, LLC

Products They Use

The Benefits

Following what could have been a monumental nightmare, Wholesale PC had Bohlke back up and running with zero associated costs.

“Because they had the right solutions in place, Bohlke never lost productivity. There may have been an extra step or two involved, sure, but the bottom line is that the company didn’t lose money. Employees didn’t lose productivity time, and the company didn’t have to worry about paying them for unexpected time off. The amount of time that was lost from employees having to take their desk phones home and plug them in was miniscule compared to what Bohlke would have had to deal with if they hadn’t had Intermedia’s services,” concludes Brewster.

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