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Established in 1997, Wai and Connor is a leading law firm specializing in the defense of workers’ compensation matters for both self-insured employers and insurance companies. It represents some of the most respected businesses and insurance companies in Southern California. In fact, several of the firm’s former attorneys have been appointed as workers’ compensation judges.

Wai & Connor has six law offices, 50 attorneys and 50 support staff. For IT, they have IT Manager TK Aung.

Aung had been responsible for maintaining the on-premises Exchange server at their headquarters and Google Apps and the branch offices. “Since email service and long-term archiving is critical to our firm,” says Aung, “I wanted to have a single, reliable, and secure cloud-based solution.”

The stakes were tall. Because without the right archiving solution, Wai and Connor could be exposed to higher risk—and higher costs. 

Wai and Connor, LLP

Company Profile:
Specializes in the defense of worker's compensation matters for both self-insured employers and insurance companies.

Industry: Legal

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

Intermedia’s customer since: 2012

The Challenge

At first, Aung considered moving the entire firm to Google Apps. But he ran into roadblocks.

“Our attorneys are addicted to Microsoft Outlook’s user-friendly interface,” says Aung. “The change management cost to use Google App webmail was too high. And Google’s onboarding team was not very helpful.”

But those weren’t the only problems with Google Apps: according to Aung. Google’s only email and archive ingestion method consisted of internet upload. And that would have taken a month.

“We had a very large email repository because our attorneys rarely delete any emails. We needed something that not only gave us unlimited storage capacity, but could ingest our emails and large archive quickly. We also wanted excellent support and service to ensure this was done efficiently and accurately.”

Aung was getting concerned. If such a service did not exist, Wai and Connor would be stuck with an inadequate—and costly—solution.

The Solution

Aung was relieved when he discovered Intermedia. Its Exchange Email and integrated Email Archiving service had everything he was looking for—support, rapid ingestion, and the familiar Outlook interface.

“Intermedia’s technology allowed us to ingest our emails and archive quickly and inexpensively,” said Aung.

What about migrating all six offices, one at a time, without any downtime? “Intermedia’s onboarding team was extremely resourceful and dedicated.” 

A worry-free, reliable, and affordable cloud solution from Intermedia is an excellent choice.

TK AUNG, IT Manager , Wai and Connor, LLP,

Products They Use

The Results

Aung can now easily and quickly field attorney requests for advanced email searches to recover emails from years ago in a matter of seconds. Intermedia’s Email Archiving also provides Wai and Connor with “eleven nines” of data resiliency—the industry’s highest. Additionally, Intermedia guarantees eight copies of all data compared to only two to four for other solutions. Finally, security includes AES 256-bit encryption of stored data.

Beyond the robust capability and reliability of the service, Intermedia offered Wai and Connor some of the best 24/7 support in the industry. “The cost is very reasonable and the support is superb,” says Aung.

Not only would Aung recommend Intermedia to other law firms, but he’d recommend it to any business in general. “Almost everyone is either required by law to archive, or needs to do it for business and legal reasons. A worry-free, reliable, and affordable cloud solution from Intermedia is an excellent choice.”

Learn more about Intermedia's Exchange Email and Email Archiving services. Or read more case studies.

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