System One Staffs Up with Intermedia Integration to Applicant Tracking System


Getting the right person for the job is critical to success. Delivering the right technical staffing solutions is the mission of System One. The Pittsburgh, PA-based firm combines national recruiting capabilities with local market expertise, making it the go-to source for clients looking to attract and retain a quality workforce. System One also helps skilled professionals advance their careers.

System One’s broad reach and breadth of services demands constant communication internally among its employees, and externally with clients and prospects. The company’s staff relies upon an applicant tracking system called Bullhorn. “Being a staffing company, the applicant tracking system is like our front office,” said CIO Lisa Biondi. “It allows us to store customers, candidates, applicants, and job orders. Our recruiters can then utilize this data to match the best candidates/applicants with open job orders."

System One

Company Profile:
System One provides technical outsourcing services in the energy, engineering, IT and scientific sectors.

Industry: Technical Staffing Services

Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA

Intermedia’s customer since: 2014

The Challenge

System One wanted to upgrade Bullhorn to take advantage of the software’s new and improved capabilities. There was, however, one big catch. The old version had its own built-in email. The upgrade did not. Thus, System One had to replace its email service - not an easy task given the requirement to move up to Exchange 2013 for the Bullhorn integration.

System One communicates extensively by email. During the switchover it was essential that email be back up and running quickly and without disruption. “Our business is based on speed,” said Biondi. “The faster our recruiters can interact with candidates and clients and turn around information to submit a candidate the better – this is critical for making placements.” 

Part of that speed comes from the integration between the email system and Bullhorn. “We needed to find a company that not only could host email for us, but also could handle the Bullhorn integration,” Biondi said. Otherwise, the company would have to stay on the old version and forgo the numerous new enhancements.

The Solution

System One contacted a few hosted email providers. Intermedia was one of only a few vendors that had the capability to integrate its email platform with Bullhorn.

System One’s sister division was already using Intermedia’s Exchange Email and was happy with their email service. “We knew they were happy with Intermedia, so that helped us move the whole company in that direction,” said Biondi.

The previous version of Bullhorn tried to emulate Exchange for email, but the results did not sit well with those who used it at System One. So, another important element of the Intermedia solution was that it leveraged Exchange and Outlook, providing a functional, familiar and well-liked platform for the company’s employees. This made it popular with System One’s staff. The solution also included Email Archiving and was a platform that could grow with the company.

In the end, the choice to go with Intermedia was clear. “Intermedia was very flexible in working with us. They were very upfront and said, ‘Hey, we’ll make this work. We’ll get this integration in place,’” she said.

In fact, the Intermedia migration compared favorably with similar efforts by previous hosting providers. “This has been the smoothest,” Biondi said. “I think the whole project management team in place for onboarding clients is good. We had a really good experience.”

Intermedia was very flexible in working with us. They were very upfront and said, ‘Hey, we’ll make this work. We’ll get this integration in place.''


Products They Use

The Results

The Bullhorn and Intermedia integration has streamlined System One’s work operations. Staff can now open emails and access Bullhorn widgets inside the message, enabling them to scan resumes, add notes to candidate files and perform other work without jumping back and forth from email to the Bullhorn interface. “The happier our sales folks and recruiters are with the email products, the better off we are,” said Biondi.

The solution was cost-effective. For about the same price as the previous email solution, System One was able to deploy Exchange Email and add Lync Secure Chat & Conferencing. What’s more, the arrangement is easy to manage because Intermedia services are integrated, helping System One avoid the hassle of managing multiple vendors and worrying about integration across different platforms and providers. “You’re getting bundled solutions as opposed to just getting one solution from one vendor and the rest from another,” she said.

As System One continues to expand via acquisitions, the combination of Bullhorn and Intermedia gives the company a solid, attractive platform it can offer as a benefit to newly acquired companies and staff. For example, System One recently acquired Joulé, one of the 100 largest staffing firms in the U.S. System One was successfully able to move these new employees from their own in-house Exchange system onto Intermedia. Also, as System One grows, they are looking to add SharePoint functionality to further expand and enhance capabilities.

So, for a company concentrating on being a one-stop staffing shop, Intermedia has provided a complete solution. “It’s been a great choice,” Biondi stated.

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