SulairTech Gives Law Firms a One-Stop Shop for Cloud IT with Intermedia


SulairTech is the IT firm that does it all for their clients, no matter how big or small. From setting up robust, secure IT applications and hardware to helping a client’s son or daughter configure an iPad, the consultants at SulairTech are known for their deep expertise and willingness to solve every problem. Headquartered in Atlanta, the company is a regional, one-stop managed services provider with clients in nine states. It specializes in the legal services industry and their unique requirements, such as document management and billing systems. Ninety percent of its clients are law firms.

SulairTech’s clients may not be as large as Fortune 500 companies, but they still require enterprise-class IT features such as high availability, security and integrated systems.


Company Profile:
SulairTech is a is fast-growing IT services company based in Atlanta that specializes in supporting law firms and other small to midsize businesses.

Industry: IT service provider

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Intermedia’s customer since: 2014

The Challenge

Most law firms comply with HIPAA standards because they have clients in the healthcare industry.  In order to handle confidential client information, law firms must comply with HIPAA’s high standards of information security and privacy. “Many of our clients either represent insurance companies or may sue insurance companies,” said Michael Raskin, Founding Partner of SulairTech. “But almost all clients at some point are dealing with customers that have to meet HIPAA requirements.” As a result, a law firm’s IT systems must be structured to comply with HIPAA.

High availability is another requirement. “If a client has 30 attorneys and they’re all billing an average of $350 an hour, for example, the law firm can potentially lose over ten thousand dollars of billing for every hour that their email is down,” he said. “Even five minutes to reboot a server becomes a big deal.”

SulairTech needed to deliver an enterprise-class email solution to its smaller clients without the cost and complexity of an on-premises Exchange server. It had to provide high uptime, security and compliance with robust spam and virus protection, plus seamless integration with billing systems. “Previously, it was very expensive… for a small firm of 5 to 10 people to put an in-house Exchange server in place,” said Raskin.

Some clients of SulairTech suggested they look at a cloud solution – namely Intermedia Exchange Email. Those clients had previously had a good experience with Exchange Email, liked its high availability, and were enthusiastic about sourcing it from SulairTech.

The Solution

SulairTech evaluated Intermedia as well as Microsoft 365 and AppRiver. In the end, they preferred Intermedia’s private label approach that allowed them to apply their own branding and billing and own the customer relationship. With Intermedia’s support tools, they can resolve most technical issues on their end. “We were very pleased with their tech support,” said Raskin. “We found the response times were good, and they have given us a good set of tools that limit our calls to tech support.”

Intermedia met all the criteria for enterprise-class email:  a five-9s uptime service level agreement, HIPAA compliance, and Advanced Email Security for spam and viruses. SecuriSync is a great add-on service for secure backup and file sharing over the internet.

Another advantage was the breadth of Intermedia’s integrated cloud services. “If I sell a client on hosted email today, and six months from now that client realizes they need encrypted email or secure file sharing, it’s an easy addition,” Raskin said. “I don’t have to go to yet another provider.”

SulairTech also utilizes Intermedia’s Cloud Server, which provides a convenient platform for hosting clients’ applications and data. Instead of buying, installing and maintaining on-premises server hardware, SulairTech can simply provision a virtual server in the cloud. Remote desktop services enable mobile, “anywhere” access. “The predictable pricing model combined with the same reliability that we are getting with Exchange Email makes it a very, very good product,” said Raskin.

The biggest thing Intermedia products have given our clients is enterprise-level service.

Michael Raskin, Founding Partner, SulairTech,
, SulairTech

Products They Use

The Results

Customer satisfaction is the #1 criterion for success at SulairTech, and Intermedia cloud solutions have proven to pass the test. “The biggest thing Intermedia products have given our clients is enterprise-level service,” said Raskin. “They feel like they’re getting good value for their money. We have clients now that will tell you they don’t remember their email ever going down. They just assume email is always up and always will be.”

SulairTech is gaining new clients with Exchange Email. In the past year, several companies with crashed, out-of-warranty Exchange servers approached SulairTech and asked for a new email solution.

In addition, encrypted email has proven to offer great cross-sell opportunities for SulairTech, as their clients are continuing to see the value in it. For instance, in the state of Florida, the fine for sending medical records by email without encryption is $1,500 per occurrence. Simply sending 10 emails back and forth with medical records can add up to hefty fines – motivating firms and partners to make sure they are covered! This presents tremendous opportunities for SulairTech. “I think we can have eighty percent of our Exchange Email clients using encrypted email within the next twelve months,” added Raskin.

Compared to managing on-premises Exchange servers, the support burden for Exchange Email is much less. “The level of support required to use Intermedia’s partner portal is significantly decreased from the level required to maintain an on-premises Exchange server. We don’t understand why anybody does it on-premises anymore,” he said.

Asked what he would say to people considering Intermedia solutions and services, Raskin replied confidently, “It’s definitely one of the best decisions they could make for their IT department.”

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