Partnership unleashes the benefits of the cloud for Sanders Consulting


Consultants like Scott Sanders, a nineteen-year veteran of the IT industry, are evangelizing and delivering cloud services solutions to their clients in large cities and small towns across the country.

Based in Palmer Lakes, Colorado, a town of about 2,500 residents near Colorado Springs, Sanders Consulting provides small and medium-sized businesses with services that are backed by the kind of world class support and reliability that are usually reserved for enterprise businesses.

Scott Sanders leverages his partnership with Intermedia to provide Exchange Email and other cloud services. “The cloud is changing the landscape of IT service and support,” says Sanders. “Cloud technology makes it possible for a business like mine to deliver enterprise quality and reliability to SMB clients.”

Sanders Consulting

Company Profile:
Sanders Consulting has been making technology work for their customers for more than 18 years. Their goal is to offer quality desktop and network support by providing installation and maintenance services to their customer’s total satisfaction.

Industry: Technology Consulting

Headquarters: Palmer Lake, CO

Intermedia’s customer since: 2012

The Challenge

This partnership began when one of Sanders' clients needed a high-performing and highly available Exchange solution to serve multiple locations. “I knew I couldn’t do it myself,” Sanders says. “And it quickly became obvious that the total cost of ownership associated with an on-premises solution just didn’t make sense for my client.”

Sanders’ partnership with Intermedia began there—and he’s been building his cloud services ever since. One of the important factors in his decision to work with Intermedia was its support. Intermedia backed Sanders Consulting with 24/7/365 support and provided tools to manage and support their clients.

The Solution

The important aspect of this partnership is reliability. “Sanders Consulting is my brand,” he notes. “It’s me. Scott Sanders. When I make a promise of service and reliability to my clients, I need a partner that will help ensure that I can keep it—and Intermedia does that for me.”

During Sanders' career, he has worked for Fortune 200 companies as a systems engineer. So he knows a bit about technology and also about business. He clearly understands that cloud computing will enable his consulting business to compete with any IT services company in the market and help drive his future success.

“The internet helps small companies look bigger than they are. It allows them to compete with larger companies,” Sanders comments. “Cloud computing, Exchange Email and other services like Cloud Server allow me to deliver levels of quality, reliability and support that used to require an entire team of people and millions of dollars of investment.”

Sanders adds: “It allows me to compete with anyone in the market.”

Peace of mind is invaluable. I've been hosting with Intermedia for years now and wouldn't do it any other way.

SCOTT SANDERS , Sanders Consulting,

Products They Use

The Results

From a business perspective, Intermedia’s Business Cloud allows Sanders to devote more time to helping his clients take full advantage of the benefits of the technology. He’s helping them improve their businesses by increasing efficiency, maximizing resources and reducing costs.

Cloud services also allow Sanders to be more efficient and productive himself—as well as to work with and support more clients at a higher level of service. It removes the limits from how many clients he can support by redirecting the time he spent managing servers to addressing the needs of his clients and their businesses.

Over time, Sanders' business is transitioning more toward becoming a managed cloud provider and business computing consultant for his clients.

On November 14th, Intermedia released Exchange 2013, Lync 2013, and SharePoint 2013 services. It is currently the first and only company in the market delivering those services through partners. Sanders is looking forward to delivering Intermedia’s Exchange Email 2013 solutions—as well as Intermedia’s new Cloud Server application infrastructure—to his clients.

“Being first in the market with new solutions for my clients keeps me in a leadership position,” says Sanders. “If you want to be a market leader you need to be associated with market leaders. That’s why I partner with Intermedia.”

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