SIP Trunks Save Rainier Title 60 Percent on Monthly Phone Bill

The Background

Intermedia partner Efficient Communication Solutions, Inc. (ECS) was presented with a unique challenge. Its client, Rainier Title, a 30-year strong title & escrow company, was looking to further grow the business, but management of numerous of voice carriers and UC systems had become a nightmare, and was holding them back.

Spread across 11 offices and 10 geographic locations, the customer knew it had to get things centralized quickly if it was going to continue scaling operations. 

Rainier Title

Company Profile:
Rainier Title is a locally owned and operated real property title and escrow company doing business throughout King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties.

Industry: Title and escrow services

Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Intermedia’s customer since: 2015

The Challenge

When Rainier Title turned to ECS, some of its offices had analog lines and others had digital Primary Rate Interfaces (PRIs). A few locations had DID functionality while most didn’t. Each office required a gateway for dial tone services, resulting in a multitude of hardware configuration and management complexities.

Further, this expensive hodgepodge of voice systems lacked the centralized administration, scalability, and feature consistency that ECS’ client so desperately needed.

Rainier Title wanted an internet-based phone system from a single carrier with a proven track record that would simplify management, reduce costs, and deliver a unified experience for their employees…all without introducing business disruption.

The Solution

ECS presented Rainier Title with the solution – Intermedia’s SIP Trunking services supporting the Avaya IP Office™ Platform. Intermedia SIP Trunking services have been compliance-tested through Avaya DevConnect program for interoperability with the Avaya IP Office 9.1 Platform.

The Intermedia solution met each item on Rainier’s wish list and then some. ECS conducted the migration by tackling one office location at a time.

The recommended Intermedia / Avaya voice solution allowed the customer to:

  • achieve centralized system administration and dialtone
  • remove analog gateways required for local service
  • control outbound Caller ID, enabling employees to take their DIDs when moving offices without impacting their residential customer base
  • give all employees access to the same service features

Since implementing Intermedia’s SIP Trunking, we’ve been able to more easily scale our operations. Not only have we grown our overall headcount, we've also opened two new offices.

Brian Skurski,
Director of Information Technology, Rainier Title

Products They Use

The Results

Rainier Title has dramatically reduced its number of phone lines and related costs. No more paying for an inflated quantity of lines to handle peak levels of business across every office. By dynamically sharing SIP Trunks, the customer is achieving a 60 percent savings on its phone bill with Intermedia.

As a result of Intermedia’s extensive phone system compatibility and Avaya DevConnect compliance testing, ECS was able to reuse most of Rainier Title’s existing Avaya IP phones for an additional cost savings. Infrastructure investments were quickly recouped in five and a half months. 

Now that Rainier’s phone system is easily managed from one central location and from one provider with one monthly statement, the seasoned title & escrow company is enjoying the benefits as the company continues with its Pacific Northwest expansion.

Brian Skurski, Director of Information Technology for Rainier Title, remarks: “Since implementing Intermedia’s SIP Trunking, we’ve been able to more easily scale our operations. Not only have we grown our overall headcount, we’ve also opened two new offices. With Intermedia, adding new employees is simple. No need to add additional phone lines or carrier-specific technologies. Now that employees can keep their current phone numbers and extensions, moving staff from one office to another has been easy as well. Plus, centralized SIP Trunking is substantially less expensive than all the PRI’s and analog lines we had from previous carriers.” 


Avaya and Avaya IP Office Platform are trademarks of Avaya, Inc.

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