PWD streamlines operations with SecuriSync


Precision Warehouse Design understands how important efficiency is to a business. The full service integrator offers a wide range of services and solutions for warehousing equipment integration and design and has an impressive roster of retail and distribution customers, including Amazon, Academy Sports, the Container Store, and Siemens.

An Intermedia customer since 2007, PWD has used Exchange hosted email, Lync instant messaging, and other Intermedia Office in the Cloud services to power their 10-person company across three locations.

Precision Warehouse Design

Company Profile:
PWD provides warehouse design integration and consulting services to retailers and distributors throughout Texas.

Industry: Warehouse Design and Material Handling Solutions

Headquarters: Carrollton, TX

Intermedia’s customer since: 2007

The Challenge

PWD Principal and Owner, Haynie Mayhew, needed a way for sales teams to be able to quickly find files in the field to answer questions from customers and prospective customers. He also wanted to provide administrative staff with a way to easily collaborate on business reports and other documents. PWD had been using iBackup, a third-party cloud storage provider that also offers some sharing features, but Mayhew was looking for something more user-friendly.

The Solution

Mayhew learned about SecuriSync when it became available as a beta service in 2012 and immediately enabled the service through the HostPilot® Control Panel. After several months of testing the service and providing Intermedia with feedback, they now widely use SecuriSync across their business.

The staff at PWD uses SecuriSync extensively in their day-to-day operations. Client proposals, order sheets, sales forecasts, and administrative forms are all stored in SecuriSync folders and shared with the appropriate staff. “The sales teams use SecuriSync for customer information and the administrative staff has their set of folders for the information they need. We have a beautiful list of folders and it makes use very efficient.”

I was able to use the SecuriSync iPhone app to access our references and send them to the prospect while I was sitting with him.

HAYNIE MAYHEW, Principal and Owner, Precision Warehouse Design,

Products They Use

The Results

“SecuriSync is a game changer,” says Mayhew. “We’re a virtual company, so we could need anything, anywhere. With SecuriSync, we know that we always have access to the files we need.”

In addition to helping PWD get easy access to necessary information, SecuriSync has had a positive impact on the bottom line. The access to shared files and folders has streamlined reporting and the end-of-month close process. “It’s easily saved us 4 to 5 hours in labor costs every month.”

The mobile access for SecuriSync is also a big boost for PWD and helps them close new business more quickly. “We recently had an opportunity for a $200,000 sale and I was able to use the SecuriSync iPhone app to access our references and send them to the prospect while I was sitting with him.”

PWD also uses SecuriSync to share large files – like AutoCad drawings – with their clients. “Our attachments can easily exceed 20 MB and are often rejected by our customers’ email systems. With SecuriSync, our clients find it very easy to receive large files.”

Mayhew especially likes that SecuriSync is integrated with their other Intermedia Office in the Cloud services. “The fact that I’ve got all my services already set up made adding and using SecuriSync very easy. It’s an integrated piece of what I’ve already got.”

“Everybody uses it and it works like a charm.”

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