Northwest Cloud Consulting Closes Cloud Voice Deals Faster with VoIP Scout Appliance


Northwest Cloud Consulting (NWCC) sets itself apart from other cloud providers by making sure its services are installed and supported the right way from the start. “We don’t give you a manual to read or make you go through problems,” said Clayton Oswald, President of NWCC.

NWCC is an Intermedia partner and reseller of its full range of cloud services, with a special emphasis on Cloud PBX and Exchange Email. NWCC serves businesses ranging in size from a single phone line and email box to 300 or more users spread across multiple locations.

Northwest Cloud Consulting

Company Profile:
Northwest Cloud Consulting provides the full spectrum of telecommunications and IT consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Industry: Managed Service Provider

Headquarters: West Linn, Oregon

Intermedia’s customer since: 2014

The Challenge

VoIP services like Cloud PBX have become well-known and popular, but NWCC still faced hurdles selling solutions. If a business was unsure whether its network was able to handle the additional VoIP workload, it might not make the change. “Without the ability to prove the quality and reliability of the network, people don’t make those decisions. That’s just human nature,” said Oswald.

NWCC needed a convenient and definitive way to test a customer’s network. Not only would a test pave the way for a sale, but it ensured the customer would have a great long-term experience with VoIP services. “If you get things right from the beginning – you install them correctly – they become a lifetime customer. If you skip any of those steps, you have somebody who is going to leave you at some point,” he said.

This is why when Oswald heard about the VoIP Scout™ Appliance, he was immediately enthusiastic: “I have to have that!”

The Solution

The VoIP Scout Appliance simulates a real VoIP phone system to determine whether a network can support phone services. It is a self-contained hardware unit that connects to any available network port and delivers test results after a few days. There’s no need to install software. After running it, the partner can tell the customer with certainty whether the network will support VoIP or if adjustments are needed first.

“That’s why I was so happy about this. It’s not going on your computer. It’s not intrusive,” said Oswald. “Just plug it in and we’ll have a report in four days.”

NWCC ships the VoIP Scout Appliance with a return box. All the customer has to do is plug it into the network. “People think it is the coolest tool there is out there,” he said.

The VoIP Scout Appliance also gives NWCC control over the testing process. After it is connected to a customer’s network, NWCC can manage it remotely with the easy-to-use VoIP Scout Management Portal. “We control it. It notifies me and I can go in and see if it passed or not. That streamlines everything,” said Oswald.

It makes Cloud PBX easier to track and faster to sell because we know from the onset how it’s going to perform, and customers can see exactly what they’re paying for

President, Northwest Cloud Consulting

Products They Use

The Results

In a new customer engagement, NWCC’s first step is to test the data network with Intermedia’s VoIP Scout Appliance. “We differentiate ourselves by everything we do to benefit you before a sale. First, we make sure your network is going to be reliable and available,” said Oswald.

NWCC estimates the VoIP Scout Appliance has reduced pre-sales time by 50% or more. As a result, the sales team is more productive and signs up more customers, more quickly. “It makes Cloud PBX easier to track and faster to sell because we know from the onset how it’s going to perform, and customers can see exactly what they’re paying for,” added Oswald. “We’ve used it multiple times now, and each time it’s worked flawlessly.”

Asked if the appliance enhances NWCC’s credibility with customers for cross-selling cloud services other than VoIP, Oswald replied, “Yes, of course – both from a company and a product suite perspective.”

“I love it as a platform because it lets us talk as a company who cares,” said Oswald. “How do clients know we care? We won’t take your order until it works, and you don’t have to sign a contract. Who else does that? It’s because of Intermedia.”

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