With Intermedia Cloud Communications, Montana Phone delivers superior customer value

Partnering with Intermedia has also resulted in triple digit growth rates for the business

The Background

Launched in 2003 by owner and CEO, Jayme Branson, Montana Phone delivers end-to-end business connectivity solutions. After working in the telecom industry for over 20 years and realizing the lack of support many SMBs had in finding telephony and data solutions, Branson started the company with the purpose of helping SMBs solve their biggest technology challenges. With a philosophy that service is always personal, Montana Phone enjoys deep relationships with its regional clients, offering communications technology to customers in twelve states.

Montana Phone

Company Profile:
Montana Phone offers carrier services, PBX phones, and cloud communications to SMBs in twelve states.

Industry: Managed Service Provider

Headquarters: Missoula, Montana

The Challenge

After years of providing traditional on-premises PBX systems, Montana Phone realized that many legacy phone systems customers were shifting to cloud-based UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solutions. "Companies sought more versatility in how, when, and from where their employees could communicate both internally and externally to run the business. Cloud communications made that possible," said Mr. Branson.

Understanding this trend, Montana Phone sought a cloud solutions provider to deliver a full suite of reliable, easy-to-use, and well-supported communications solutions through a business model partner model favorable to Montana Phone’s business.

The Solution

Montana Phone reviewed a number of solution providers before selecting Intermedia as the provider of choice. In the end, it was the breadth and reliability of Intermedia’s cloud communications and collaboration suite, combined with Intermedia’s true partner-first approach, that sold Jayme and his team on Intermedia.

At the heart of Intermedia’s partner-first approach is its unique Customer Ownership Reseller (CORE™) partner model. With the CORE model, partners purchase Intermedia’s cloud solutions at wholesale price, brand the products as their own or co-brand with Intermedia, bundle with their service offerings and then resell at their own price point. The CORE model allows partners to realize up to 5X more revenue than they would under traditional agent models offered by most cloud communications solutions providers. And, as the name suggests, partners maintain control of their all-important customer relationships. Intermedia also provides full training and continuing education programs, sales, marketing, onboarding, technical support, and billing and taxation assistance.

As an Intermedia CORE partner, Jayme and his team began offering the private label version of Intermedia’s fully integrated UCaaS solution, which Montana Phone rebranded as UNIFI360. This all-in-one voice, video, chat, file management, contact center, and more solution provided Montana Phone’s customers with the flexibility to connect and collaborate from wherever they may be without the cost and complexity that comes with legacy phone systems.

Every time we call Intermedia, you tell us how important we are. Everyone’s accessible and reachable. Previous partners acted like we were annoying them, but the Intermedia team is just the opposite and always there to help.

Owner/CEO, Montana Phone

Products They Use

The Results

With Intermedia Cloud Communications, Montana Phone can better serve customers and their changing needs. The feature-rich platform combined with Montana Phone’s personalized service and reliable support has resulted in triple-digit growth rates for the business.

As Montana Phone’s UNIFI360 offering delivers so much value, the account reps at Montana Phone are sure to inform their on-premises customers about the advantages when queries come in. Branson recalls the challenges his on-premises PBX customers faced with the arrival of the pandemic. "All of a sudden everyone urgently had to transition their business into a remote operation. Many customers quickly realized how limiting their old PBX systems were and the difficulties around reconfiguring them. The cloud quickly became a more appealing option with minimal setup, allowing employees to work from any location as long as they had an internet connection," explained Mr. Branson.

It doesn’t take much convincing to explain the benefits of migrating to the cloud, according to Branson. The added cost associated with on-premises phone equipment aging and breaking, or simply the challenges of adding a new phone line prompted many to look at more modern solutions with advanced capabilities. "We explain the ROI of it and that it’s easier for us to support them. We see moving them to the cloud as a win-win," said Branson. Montana Phone began recommending their UNIFI360 as a better, more reliable alternative with improved flexibility and accessibility, and the response from both current and new customers alike has proven this was the right path for their service offering.

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