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Midnight Blue Technology Services is a managed service provider in the greater Pittsburgh area. By providing both hosted services and on-premises solutions, Midnight Blue meets a broad set of client needs. Their versatility is important, because while many clients have moved to the cloud, some still embrace hardware solutions.

Midnight Blue aims to be a one-stop shop for their customers’ core business infrastructure services.

Midnight Blue Technology Services

Company Profile:
Midnight Blue Technology Services is a managed service provider for SMBs in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Industry: Managed Service Provider

Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA

Intermedia’s customer since: 2011

The Challenge

When it came to deciding which phone systems to sell, Midnight Blue faced a tough choice: offer both on-premises and hosted phone systems or just go with the cloud? For Jason DeMacio, Chief Technology Officer and Partner, going straight to the cloud was really the only choice.

“We look at cloud voice as the best option for new businesses and businesses looking to switch out their current on-premises system,” says DeMacio. “With a hosted VOIP phone system we can offer a flat fee per month, per employee, to give them a fully featured business-grade phone system.”

Once Midnight Blue decided to go with a cloud-based phone system, their goal was to find a partner that was not so small they couldn’t handle the customer load, but also not so big that the support experience suffered.

Midnight Blue was already a satisfied Intermedia partner, selling data services such as Exchange Email and SecuriSync...

The Solution

“From the VoIP perspective, we wanted to find a partner that was well established in the industry,” says DeMacio. “I’m a member of a couple different peer groups, and Intermedia came up at the top of the list of every person I talked to.”

A big sell for DeMacio was the support Intermedia offers its partners.

“When we worked with this other company, they were so big that they didn’t know their left hand from their right,” says DeMacio. “With Intermedia, if I have a problem I don’t have to call into a queue and get a different person every time. From a pre-sales, engineering and scoping perspective, I have a single point of contact.”

As the main decision maker at Midnight Blue when it comes to choosing products to sell, DeMacio also wanted to ensure his team was offering the very best hosted phone system.

“When I evaluate any product, I look at ease of management, SLAs on the backend, and how well the product functions with very little interaction from our team,” says DeMacio. “I want a product that my team can set up and then forget about except for regular adding or moving of users.”

I wanted a product that my team can set up and then forget about except for regular adding or moving of users.

JASON DEMACIO, Chief Technology Officer and Partner, Midnight Blue Technology Services,

Products They Use

DeMacio saw a clear difference with Intermedia’s Cloud PBX service. “With other hosted VoIP phone system providers, we probably invested 5 to 6 hours just trying to get the phone to connect to the service,” says DeMacio. “But with Intermedia’s Cloud PBX, we were very easily able to just plug in the phones and they started right up.”

That difference, of mere minutes versus hours, means DeMacio’s team can focus on giving its customers top-notch service rather than fussing with technology. After all, phone systems should be simple.

Reliability has also been key for DeMacio. With 99.999% uptime, powered by a highly available, fully redundant service platform, he doesn’t have to spend time supporting or troubleshooting. In addition, Intermedia’s VoIP traffic simulation test confirms his customers’ networks are ready to run quality VoIP calls.

“Our customers want a phone on their desks, so they can just pick up and call somebody,” says DeMacio. “And Intermedia’s new generation of Cloud PBX is very easy for us to set up and maintain.”

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