HAZ Technologies Increases Business Deals by 50% in 6 Months with Intermedia’s Integrated Data and Voice Services

The Background:

Information technology and graphic design firm, HAZ Technologies, LLC is no stranger to success. In fact, the team has received several accolades, including Increase CDC’s Micro Small Business Technology Entrepreneur award (2015 and 2011) and Columbus, Ohio’s Minority Small Business Champion in 2014.

In 2011, a client came to HAZ asking for them to manage their existing Intermedia Exchange Email account due to limited IT resources. It was HAZ’s first introduction to Intermedia and its proprietary technology. The brandable web-based control panel made account administration seamless and the support team was available 24/7 to answer any questions they had. Immediately, HAZ knew it had found the cloud solution partner it needed and eagerly began selling its Exchange Email service. Shortly thereafter, HAZ expanded the partnership to include additional data services such as SecuriSync® for comprehensive file management.

HAZ was new to selling IT services, but with Intermedia in its corner, the reseller had expanded into several new IT data service areas. Business was good.

But HAZ couldn’t stop at selling data services alone if they were to stay competitive.

HAZ Technologies LLC

Company Profile:
HAZ Technologies is an information technology and cloud service provider

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

Intermedia’s customer since: 2011

The Challenge:

After the years of success HAZ had experienced partnering with Intermedia, HAZ wanted to add more Intermedia products to its offering. By adding Intermedia’s hosted voice services to its offering, HAZ could give clients a one-stop experience for integrated data and voice services, which HAZ could easily administer remotely and securely from anywhere. But there was a problem. The HAZ team didn’t know the first thing about selling business voice services in the cloud.

Michael Cudgel, Managing Partner at HAZ Technologies, LLC, elaborates upon the predicament it was in. “We knew that Intermedia’s voice service was just what our clients were looking for. Intermedia’s full features, broad customization capabilities and high availability were perfect, but we didn’t have experience with delivering business voice services.”

Time and money were holding HAZ back from making this leap. The marketing team was practically not existent, putting the burden of awareness and lead generation on the sales and executive team. Not to mention, there was the associated cost of delivering an effective marketing campaign. HAZ needed a simple, fast and cost effective way to create and launch marketing campaigns to promote service solutions. Could Intermedia help HAZ generate demand?

The Solution:

HAZ remembered all of the success it had had with Intermedia’s marketing automation platform on the data services side, and knew it was just what was needed to bridge this gap. Now, HAZ had access to all of the resources and tools to be successful in selling Intermedia voice as well.

The easy-to-use platform contained compelling content that HAZ was able to brand as their own in pre-designed templates for emails, landing pages, microsites, social media posts and more. The platform’s automated workflows allowed them to pre-schedule all campaign elements and maximize lead generation. Once the campaigns were launched, the HAZ team had access to metrics and real time lead alerts, which allowed them to track the success of their campaigns and let them know who was interested so they could follow-up immediately and gather new business.

The first Cloud PBX campaign that HAZ Technologies deployed focused on a cost savings message - asking prospective customers if a cloud phone system could really cut their bills by 50%. The multi-touch landing page highlighted key features and benefits that peaked customer and prospect interest right away, including:

  • A short video outlining how a Cloud PBX phone system can really cut bills by over 50%.
  • A detailed report on the sampling done of 19 small businesses who were considering replacing their on-site phone systems.
  • An interactive cost savings calculator that commutes an approximate savings amount based on the current price of a customer or prospect’s existing on-site phone system.

The platform was everything we needed. It’s as easy and simple as it gets. Once the campaign is set up, it’s completely hands off. The pre- developed message has been well received across multiple business sectors, but what I love most is the results we have seen.

Michael Cudgel,
Managing Partner, HAZ Technologies

Products They Use

The Results

With Intermedia’s marketing automation platform, HAZ was able to expand its services portfolio, while turning leads into buyers. Over six months’ time, HAZ had launched multiple cloud voice integrated marketing campaigns to thousands of customers and prospects, with each execution just taking minutes to deploy.

The results were clear in the numbers:

Cudgel shares his experience as an Intermedia partner. “Intermedia stays on the cutting edge of cloud technology. For us at HAZ Technologies, it seems that at every turn, Intermedia is developing services and resources that help enhance our position with our clients. With Intermedia’s dedication to helping us and its extensive resources, we’ve been able to confidently enter into new markets that we wouldn’t have been able to with such success otherwise.”

SecuriSync is a registered trademark of Intermedia.net, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries

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