Elite Consulting Recovers Swiftly from Hurricane Irma due to Intermedia’s Cloud PBX

“Without Intermedia, my business would have lost two weeks of revenue!”

The Background

“Before moving to Florida, my husband convinced me that there would only be a slim chance that we’d ever seriously be affected by a hurricane,” shares Tatiana Gust, the Owner of Elite Consulting. However, as it would have it, during our first year here, a series of hurricanes did major damage to the state. It was my experience that these hurricanes left anyone who didn’t have a regular phone line without communication for several days.”

Elite Consulting of SWFL

Company Profile:
Elite Consulting is a permit and inspections company

Headquarters: Naples, Florida

The Challenge

Fear that another hurricane would strike left Gust apprehensive about whether to switch her business to voice over IP (VoIP) services. Gust knew she couldn’t afford for her young business to be without phone service, and they were outgrowing their current number of lines and equipment.

Gust contacted her phone provider regarding VoIP. “I was passed from one person to another until finally they said they would call me back. It was beyond frustrating.”

Gust knew one thing for sure – she was in a predicament.

The Solution

“I decided to give Intermedia a call,” states Gust. “Intermedia immediately answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. When I asked what would happen if the internet service went out, I learned that Intermedia’s system could route calls to other phones. Within 15 minutes, I had the exact information I needed and felt confident moving forward.”

Within one week, Gust’s phones and lines were being ported over to Intermedia’s Cloud PBX system. And during this two-week migration process, employees were able to use either line. Unfortunately, in the midst of the migration, Gust’s fears became a reality: Hurricane Irma hit.

“Florida was in the path of the largest hurricane registered in history,” states Gust. “After the hurricane, since my business was without internet or phone service, I contacted Intermedia via cell phone. They assisted in routing calls to all available cell phones so that multiple phones would ring at the same time. Intermedia allowed my staff to continue communicating with our customers in a timely manner. Without Intermedia, my business would have lost two weeks of revenue!”

The best part of all is that by being a Costco Business Member, my monthly fee is locked-in for life for my current lines as well as additional ones added in the future. This gives me great added assurance as I scale my business.

Tatiana Gust,
Owner, Elite Consulting

Products They Use

The Results

In addition to business continuity, Gust appreciates many other benefits of Intermedia’s Cloud PBX system. The top features that help her run a polished and professional business include:

Gust concludes: “I previously operated under the misconception that robust phone features were only available to larger companies, or that small businesses like mine simply couldn’t afford them. The reality, however, is that with Intermedia I am getting more features, and more lines, for the same price I was paying before – not to mention a more professional service for my clients.”

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