Intermedia helps EEC Enviro scale their business while maintaining their hands-on approach


For the 100,000+ businesses in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, the region’s broiling summers and frigid winters place a premium on heating, ventilation and air conditioning services. It's a great opportunity for HVAC services such as EEC Enviro of Red Oak.

But it’s also a challenge. The Metroplex stretches 140 miles from end-to-end. If you’re going to take advantage of the opportunity in this service area, you need two things: strong competitive differentiation, and the ability to scale.

EEC Enviro certainly had the differentiation. “What sets us apart is our unique approach to service and the one-on-one relationship that we can give to the customers,” said President Anji Jones, who, with her husband, founded the company in 2005. As an example, she cites her technicians’ propensity to dust refrigerator coils in air conditioning units—a practice that isn’t typically on their work orders but nevertheless increases unit efficiency that much more.

This attention to detail has led EEC to grow nearly five times over since its founding. And it’s placed them on the cusp of a much bigger opportunity.

But while EEC could differentiate, scaling presented a challenge. They needed to increase the productivity of their technicians in order to take on new clients, but they didn’t want to sacrifice the precision and patience for which they’re known.

The obvious solution was to make their technicians much more efficient at communications. But their existing IT systems were standing in the way.

Company Profile:
EEC Enviro Service is a Dallas-area commercial HVAC and plumbing company that offers unique, one-on-one service.

Industry: HVAC

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Intermedia’s customer since: 2014

The Challenge

The most efficient HVAC technicians are out in the field sending photos of the equipment they’re servicing, downloading large files to support their work, and processing work-order changes and updates.

Communications between customers, technicians and the home office has to be flawless.

EEC was a generation behind in terms of communication, collaboration and mobility. In the field, for example, technicians often had to leave the job site to find network connections. Back at the office, their phones were unreliable and would often result in dropped calls and lost opportunities.

“We were having trouble with our technicians having to come back from the field to check their email,” said Jones. “Emails would not always download if the files were too big. And our phone system was horrible—It would cut out and we would miss important phone calls. We couldn’t get service calls.

“If one of our estimators couldn’t open a bid job because the file was too big and the email wouldn’t come through, we’d have to drive to Dallas or Fort Worth or wherever the job was to get the file on a USB drive,” she added. “It was wasting time and money.”

The potential of the Metroplex was beckoning to EEC—but EEC’s technology was standing in its way.

The Solution

The company learned about Intermedia through a local managed service provider and Intermedia partner, Mike Maendler, CEO of Technology & Beyond.

“EEC was facing a lot of limitations when we first came into the picture,” said Maendler. “A lot of self-managed IT work that was done, and a lot of very random and not very predictable technology utilization. They didn’t have an ability to expand and grow.”

Maendler recommended two of Intermedia’s marquee services—Exchange Email for email and Cloud PBX for cloud-based phone service—in combination with modern smartphones and an improved level of overall IT support.

Deployment was fast and easy. “EEC’s onboarding was a smooth process,” said Maendler. “We were able to take just a quick snapshot of their current email environment and quickly and easily integrate it right into a Exchange Email environment.”

Intermedia's services help us grow our business through constant changes in the business. They’re able to adapt and change with the business almost instantaneously.

Anji Jones, Presidente, EEC Enviro,
President, EEC Enviro

Products They Use

The Results

This combination of cloud-based IT and high-touch service allowed EEC’s technicians to communicate from the field. They reduced the time spent on inefficient communications, allowing them to take on more work without sacrificing their level of service.



“Intermedia’s services have helped us change the way we do business,” said Jones. “We gain new business because we have the technology that can support the new business.”  

EEC’s fellow founder and Anji's husband, Carey Jones, agrees. “Intermedia’s services help us grow our business through constant changes in the business. They’re able to adapt and change with the business almost instantaneously.”

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