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The Background

With over 15 years in the industry, Nathan Oulman has honed his craft of running web hosting businesses. Our story begins with Oulman growing his successful hosted service provider advisory business, Cheap Webhosting Provider. Then in April 2012, Google® updated its algorithm, code-named “Penguin,” and significantly changed the way webpages were ranked. Customers were no longer finding his webpage, which resulted in a decrease to his advisory commissions. Oulman quickly found himself putting in a great deal of work trying to drive traffic to his site, and ultimately chose to sell the business instead.

Over the next few years while working for another employer, Oulman studied SEO and the latest optimization standards. With greater expertise under his belt, Oulman founded a new hosted services review site,, in late 2016.

Oulman had made a fresh start. But how could he eliminate some of the common risks associated with growing a new business? How could he keep making extra income under a commissions’ business model, as he had successfully done in the past?

Company Profile: is an authority in the hosted services review business

Headquarters: Sagle, Idaho

Intermedia’s customer since: 2011

The Challenge

Clientele usually came to Cheap Webhosting Provider after experiencing reliability and/or spam issues with their current hosted email provider. The visitors to proved to be no different.

“Small business owners simply cannot afford the impact that these interruptions and inconveniences usually take on user productivity and their bottom line,” commented Oulman.

The Solution

From 2011 to 2013, Oulman worked with Intermedia under the Advisor Partner Program, where he referred review readers on his website to Intermedia for their hosted Microsoft Exchange needs. “Of Intermedia’s partner programs, the Advisor Model made the most sense for my company. Intermedia handled the onboarding and customer support, while I forwarded them the form review that readers/potential customers submit. I delivered Intermedia’s leading levels of reliability to customers, and, in return, I collected a commission. It really was that simple,” shared Oulman.

Oulman explained how he first came to partner with Intermedia: “I initially learned of Intermedia through Google searches. After running several keywords, it became clear that I needed to have a conversation with them. The rest is history. My Intermedia rep worked very closely with me. In fact, I attribute much of my understanding of how the hosting services business operates to that relationship.”

When Oulman went back into business for himself again in 2016, he had a decision to make. Was Intermedia still the right partner for him? For

After further market research, Oulman quickly chose to work with Intermedia once again. “Based on how easy it was to work together and how smoothly everything went previously, it was a simple decision to make,” reflects Oulman.

Oulman continued: “Intermedia’s reputation as a cloud-based email provider is second-to-none. It’s one of the big reasons why I was excited to partner with Intermedia this second go-around. The other reason was the relationships that I had established there. If I have any questions or concerns, my rep is always available to me. I am pleased to say that nothing has changed since we last worked together. The onboarding experience has been as smooth and easy as I remember it being the last time. Intermedia absolutely has my loyalty as a partner. No one makes it easier for me to make money and augment my business offering.”

Intermedia gives me the ability to focus on growing my newly established business. They handle so many of the operational details, and I have peace of mind knowing that my customers are in excellent hands.

Nathan Oulman,

Products They Use

The Benefits

Oulman shared his thoughts about the freedom that working with Intermedia has afforded him: “Intermedia gives me the ability to focus on growing my newly established business. They handle so many of the operational details, and I have peace of mind knowing that my customers are in excellent hands. As a result, I have the time to focus on other important aspects of my company, such as SEO and driving traffic to the site. I send Intermedia the leads, and they take it from there.”

Oulman concluded, “Now that my website is up and running, and my Intermedia partnership has been reestablished, I’m talking with my rep about expanding our relationship to include Microsoft Office 365. The surge of interest in Office 365 has been incredible. By offering it to potential customers, I can help meet their needs while having the opportunity to rank for more keywords. Why would I not add Office 365 from Intermedia? More long-tail rankings mean more traffic and inevitably greater commissions, which all contributes to the success of my business.”

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