Crowne Hill Consulting Doubles Their Intermedia Business Every Single Year

MSP expands into new markets without having to invest in more staff

The Background

George Ortiz knows a thing or two about keeping businesses running. He has been running Crowne Hill Consulting for the past 20 years. Prior, Ortiz served as an IT Director for several companies.

When the owner of the company Ortiz worked for closed his business due to terminal illness, he gave Ortiz the seed money to start his own consultancy. Ortiz initially built up his one-man operation managing Exchange email servers and offering other consulting services. “The hourly element kept me very busy,” stated Ortiz. “Managing business email was also something I sort of dreaded. I never knew when clients were going to have an issue, or what sort of best practices they were following with their on-premises servers. It kept me continually on edge, but it was good business.”

So when the cloud came along, Ortiz perceived it as a threat. How could Crowne Hill Consulting continue to scale their business in light of these changes?

Crowne Hill

Company Profile:
Crowne Hill Consulting Group provides a complete portfolio of premium network solutions to businesses in the greater Riverside/San Diego area.

Headquarters: Temecula, CA

Intermedia’s customer since: 2009

The Challenge

After the initial concern, Ortiz realized that shifting to a cloud model made sense. “You don’t have to pay for licensing, you don’t have to worry about backing old systems up, and the hassle of managing the Exchange server was on someone else,” Ortiz realized.

Crowne Hill initially started their entry into the cloud with a different service provider. “With cloud implementations, everything needs to be perfect, and with groupSPARK, things weren’t. I was spending a lot of time onsite and I couldn’t bill clients for it, so the relationship ended up costing me money. You only get one shot at making a first impression. My customers were growing impatient and I knew I had to do something fast,” lamented Ortiz.

The Solution

“Just as I was about to pull the plug on the cloud idea altogether, a vice president at Ingram Micro recommended Intermedia,” shared Ortiz. “I immediately found Intermedia to have a more future-proofed offering and a much more advanced control panel. It’s been an all around great experience.”

In addition to delivering greater peace of mind, Intermedia has helped Crowne Hill to scale their cloud business. “With Intermedia, we have seen better returns and margins from the onset. Intermedia has helped us achieve the volume that we needed to scale the cloud business. In fact, business has never been better,” stated Ortiz.

Ortiz attributes reaching this level of success to Intermedia’s support network. “The onboarding team is incredibly valuable,” said Ortiz. “Everyone is so knowledgeable and on the ball. Even the individuals that answer the phones late at night operate at this same exceptional level.”

Due to the quality of support Ortiz experienced with Intermedia on the data side, Crowne Hill had the confidence to expand into new markets. Ortiz explains: “I’d seen other guys make good money with minimal effort selling VoIP systems, so I was intrigued. But I’m not a voice guy. But with Intermedia, making this transition has been an easy one. When clients don’t have to buy any hardware, pricing is per line, and there’s just a month-to-month commitment, Intermedia voice services are a no brainer. It’s been tremendously helpful to be able to call Intermedia’s VIP Desk whenever we need help with a sale. We can tell them what the customer wants and the Intermedia team will build out the quote for us, with margins already included. It’s so reassuring to have Intermedia to fall back on as I learn this new space.”

Intermedia saves me time, while making me more money. The ease of working together has really helped me scale my business and step away from the hourly IT consulting side. In fact, we’ve doubled our account history with Intermedia every single year since the start of the partnership.

George Ortiz,
, Crowne Hill

Products They Use

The Benefits

With Intermedia, Ortiz has been able to completely restructure his business. “Intermedia saves me time, while making me more money. The ease of working together has really helped me scale my business and step away from the hourly IT consulting side. In fact, we’ve doubled our account history with Intermedia every single year since the start of the partnership.”

No longer is Crowne Hill held back by operational constraints. “As the business has gotten bigger, our capacity to service clients has been stretched. With Intermedia, we are able to take on more clients while still giving each of them excellent service,” shared Ortiz.

In addition to moving away from an unpredictable hourly model, Crowne Hill is rapidly growing their voice business. “With Intermedia, we have all of the resources we need at any given moment. I’m still not a phone guy, but with the transparency that we resell Intermedia, we’re migrating our largest voice account yet, and plan to keep scaling from there.”

Now, nearly all of Crowne Hill’s clients are in the cloud. And those hours Ortiz thought he might lose in the process? “They’ve just turned into other types of projects,” stated Ortiz. “Business is excellent.”

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