Unified Communications Specialist Blue Circle Hangs up RingCentral Partnership for Intermedia’s Cloud PBX

The Background

As a unified communications and IT vendor, Blue Circle does everything tied to business telecoms and PBX, from carrier and cabling services, to structure.

Owner Caleb Gagnon elaborates, “There are so many players out there in the business voice space alone. We differentiate based on our comprehensive solutions and the great professional relationships that we’ve built. No matter the size or industry, this allows us to truly understand our clients’ individual needs. As a result, we continue to grow our business strictly through word-of-mouth referrals.”

Blue Circle Communication Solutions

Company Profile:
Blue Circle is a communications company that provides an array of telecom and IT services

Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ

The Challenge

Blue Circle had earned its reputation as a reliable telecom solutions provider. Trouble was, the company was encountering voice partnership concerns.

“We sourced on-premises phone systems from Toshiba for a long time. Truth be told, we had been hesitant about jumping into the hosted voice space. In the early days, we had heard so much negative feedback from companies that had switched to a hosted solution. But we knew it was time to make the transition when requests for cloud voice services surged,” said Gagnon.

Initially, Blue Circle partnered with RingCentral for cloud voice, but Gagnon quickly became frustrated with the platform: “We found RingCentral to be cumbersome. The platform was regularly changing, making management of even basic settings a challenge. It also felt like we got a new person whenever we’d call into their support, with a different answer to match,” recalled Gagnon.

Gagnon knew Blue Circle needed to make the transition to cloud voice, but their experience thus far had left them wishing for a different solution. Was there a better way?

The Solution

After expressing his concerns to business colleague, Gagnon learned of Intermedia’s Cloud PBX system.

“We recommend Intermedia’s Cloud PBX to all our customers. The whole experience of working with Intermedia is just easy. From the simplicity of quoting and ordering to deployment and system management – everything is streamlined and simple in the best way. Plus, Intermedia has all the features our customers want. They love the voicemail to email capability. CallScape would cost an arm and a leg in the on-prem PBX world. It’s incredible that with Intermedia it’s free.”

Gagnon talks to the benefits of selling Cloud PBX as an Intermedia partner. “We’ve had great success operating under Intermedia’s Advisor program. I love that we don’t have to deal with any of the billing aspects. We’ve had great success with this model. In fact, we use it as a pitch point that we don’t touch their financials at all in the billing process – customers know they’re in good hands with Intermedia.”

Gagnon explains how the Intermedia difference extends to service and support as well: “We get a warm and fuzzy type of one-on-one attention from Intermedia’s support team that we haven’t gotten from past providers. The VIP Help Desk and Partner Sales team are truly impressive – they know each other by name and they make themselves available to us whenever.”

We have never had service issues with Intermedia. Because of the simplicity of the system and overall ease of use, we spend less of our own resources.

Caleb Gagnon,
Owner, Blue Circle Communication Solutions

Products They Use

The Benefits

Having Intermedia as a reliable Cloud Voice partner has resulted in a steady stream of new Cloud PBX customers. Gagnon explains: “We have never had service issues with Intermedia. Because of the simplicity of the system and overall ease of use, we spend less of our own resources. We almost never need onboarding calls due to the intuitive nature of Intermedia’s Partner Portal. And our customers don’t feel the need to call us for desk phone relocations. Whether moving across the hall, or down the road, Intermedia makes it easy for customers to pick up their desk hardware and take it with them.”

And how does the Intermedia experience compare to reselling on-premises voice? “We spend a fraction of the time on physical installations, and with Intermedia we know that the process will go smoothly. Hosted voice also significantly reduces the upfront chunk of costs that customers need to spend on expensive on-prem PBX systems. It’s been a welcomed change to our business model, and a cost-savings that we’ve been able to pass onto our clients,” concluded Gagnon.

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