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Why Office 365 customers need 3rd-party email archiving

Think of Office 365 like a Swiss Army Knife. It packs a lot of interesting tools into a single package—but all its tools are miniaturized versions of the real thing.

Case in point: email archiving.

Email archiving is critical for compliance with regulations like HIPAA and FINRA. But even unregulated industries need it, because it’s like insurance. It preserves vital information, protects against trouble caused by people who alter or delete emails, and dramatically reduces the costs associated with litigation.

But there’s more to archiving then, well, archiving.

It’s one thing to store files. It’s another thing to make them searchable and retrievable.

And this is where Office 365 archiving solution falls short. Because if you’re searching for data that’s hidden in millions of emails, you want to search attachments as well.

But Office 365 only searches through about 50 file types—most of them Microsoft file types.

If you’re facing litigation or compliance audits, this should worry you. There are HUNDREDS of attachment types, and you want to find the critical data hidden in all of them.

But that’s not all.

Paying for phantom users

If you’re archiving your email, you want that archive to exist for the life of your business.

But Office 365 ties the life of the archive to the life of the mailbox—which means that if you delete a user’s mailbox, the archive is lost as well.

So when an employee leaves your company, Office 365 forces you to make an unpleasant choice: remove the user and lose the archive, or keep the archive—and keep paying for a user who no longer exists.

Limits on archive size

One more thing: Office 365 only gives you 50 GB for your mail—including your archive. This means that your more prolific email users are going to quickly run out of space.

And then you’re forced once again to choose between paying more or losing critical data.

For email archiving, don’t use the Swiss Army Knife

The good news for Office 365 customers is that you can deploy a third-party service for Email Archiving.

This means that you can take advantage of Intermedia’s Email Archiving service even if you don’t use our Hosted Exchange service.

We offer unlimited storage, the ability to search over 500 file types, and the ability to maintain your archive even after you remove a user.  It’s not the Swiss Army Knife version—it’s the real thing.


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Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia