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What is “Autodiscover”—and why do I need it?

The Microsoft Exchange environment can be quite complicated. There are a ton of Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDNs) for servers, which gives you a lot to memorize when you configure clients for your end users: their Outlook clients, Skype clients and ActiveSync clients will all require different server information.

Thankfully, the people at Microsoft have created an “easy button” for us. It’s called “Autodiscover”.

Why you should use Autodiscover

While Autodiscover is not required to get your services up and running, it will definitely make life a lot easier and a lot better if you have it configured. With Autodiscover, all of your end users’ Outlook clients can be setup automatically with just their username and password.

This works the same way for mobile devices that are using ActiveSync and for Skype for Business clients. Autodiscover can also help their Outlook client reconfigure itself if they accidentally mess up the configuration. How cool is that?

You will need Autodiscover for a few tasks, though. So if you want some of these features, you’ll need to configure it:

  • Free/Busy information for your Calendar
  • Out of Office replies
  • Address Book Synchronization (Offline copy)
  • Public Folder Access
  • Folder sharing between colleagues
  • Auto-mapping for mailboxes

For more information, read our Knowledge Base article about using Autodiscover. If you’re a customer, you can also reach our support team at any time at 1-800-379-7729.

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