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What is Active Directory and why is it so important?

You might hear people talk about Active Directory™. Sometimes they refer to it as “AD”. Active Directory is a Microsoft® software that organizes and provides access to information in an operation system’s directory.  It is a link between “objects” and “values”. That sounds pretty “techie,” but it can be simplified this way:

Think of Active Directory as the “contacts” app on your mobile device. The “contacts” app itself would be your Active Directory. Your individual contacts would be the “objects”, and the address, email and phone information for each contact would be the “values” in your Active Directory. The “objects” aren’t just limited to people and users. It can also contain “group objects” such as computers, printers and so forth.

Why is Active Directory so important?

Active Directory helps you organize your company’s users, computer and more. Your IT admin uses AD to organize your company’s complete hierarchy from which computers belong on which network, to what your profile picture looks like or which users have access to the storage room.

Active Directory is quite popular. In fact, 95% of the Fortune 1000 uses it. It’s likely your company uses it as well. If so, you’re in luck, because you can take advantage of Intermedia’s UserPilot software. (It’s free!)

UserPilot integrates with Active Directory to make user login and account management even easier

UserPilot syncs your Active Directory with Intermedia’s applications. In essence, UserPilot makes it easier to manage accounts and user logins by syncing “values” like your title, phone number, department and password with your Intermedia services. So you can access your work computer and all your Intermedia services with just one login and password.

UserPilot even allows administrators to automatically add new users to the Active Directory, making new hire setup quick and easy.

Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more about how UserPilot integrates with Active Directory. If you still have questions, give us a call at 800-379-7729.

Microsoft and Active Directory are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries

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