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Webinar: Shield your phones from the Legion of Downtime

It’s hurricane season in Gulf. Fires are blazing out West. Tornados rip through the Plains. And that’s just the weather….What about human-made issues like hardware failure, power outages, and cyber attacks? 

When any of these disruptions hits your business, what happens to your phones? If you’re using a premises-based PBX system or service from the phone company, your phones could go down for hours, days, even weeks.

Could your business survive that downtime?

Join our webinar on Aug. 11

Learn how a cloud-based phone system can be one of your most valuable weapons against downtime at our webinar on Thursday, August 11th. We’ll talk about the types of downtime events that can impact your business and how a cloud-based voice system can protect against those events.

Mark Sher, our Director of Product Marketing for Voice Services, will cover:

  • The impact these disruptions can have on your business
  • How Intermedia cloud-based voice service protects your business from downtime
  • The basics of business continuity planning (you’ll get our free guide!)

Date: Thursday, August 11

Times:  11am PT or 2pm PT

Register now! 

About Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia