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Weather-proof your business with a mobile work environment

In case you haven’t heard the news (or looked out your window), there’s a blizzard making its way through the Northeast. It’s crippling public transit, closing schools, and shutting down businesses.

According to estimates from research firm Planalytics, businesses saw weather-related losses totaling $15 billion last year alone.

While your business can’t control the weather, having a mobile-enabled workforce can keep the weather from controlling your productivity, and ultimately your bottom-line.

The storm is coming – is your business prepared?

If you still run your email server and other IT services on site, a power outage can leave these services down long after the storm has passed.  Servers and devices need to be rebooted, checked for damage, and restored to their last stable back-up point. It can take hours or days to recover your emails and critical files – if you’re lucky enough to be able to recover them at all.

Even if your servers weather the storm, without remote access to core services like email, phone and file sharing, your business will likely come to a grinding halt.

This is one of many reasons we encourage businesses to move to the cloud – it enables a mobile work environment.  All you need is a web browser or a mobile app to immediately access your emails, important documents, instant messaging and more.

Tips for weather-proofing your business

To help enable business mobility, we’ve identified 10 requirements for making your business mobile-ready. Here are three of them:

  1. Device-to-desktop syncing for email, calendars and contacts. When you delete a message on your phone, it should disappear from Outlook on your computer. Your calendar should be in sync no matter which device you view it on. And when a new employee joins your company, her contact information should appear in every other employee’s phone instantly.
  2. Office phone access from virtually anywhere.  Most companies rely on their phone systems as a critical part of their business – so keeping them up and running during an emergency is key. Make sure you don’t miss any important calls – use call forwarding from your office phone to your mobile phone, and receive voicemails in your inbox. You can also avoid using personal minutes by making calls from the phone app on your laptop.
  3. Secure file sharing on-the-go.  People love Dropbox and Google Drive for personal use because they make mobile file access easy. But often employees store sensitive company information on these personal-grade services. Your enterprise-class solution should keep your data where it is safe, and still provides seamless mobile access.

Want more tips? Download our Top 10 requirements for making your business mobile. Or give us a call at 1-800-379-7729 to learn how we can help make your business mobile-ready.


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