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Video Conferencing: The Complete Guide

In 2020, businesses and individual users downloaded video conferencing apps in record numbers – in March alone, there were 62 million downloads. Video conferencing replaced in-person meetings during the pandemic, and it will continue to serve as a vital tool in the new normal. Has your organization adopted a platform that lives up to expectations for security, functionality, and usability? Use this guide to video conferencing to decide what features and benefits you want from your technology.

What to Look for in an Online Meeting Solution to Foster Productivity and Collaboration

Standard free solutions may work well for personal use, but businesses require a feature-rich platform that enables productivity and collaboration. With a business-class online meeting service, your organization benefits from a secure, high-quality solution, but without high costs. Cloud-based video meeting solutions are affordable for businesses of all sizes, and they offer features that make getting work done in a virtual environment a breeze.

The following tools and features can help your teams thrive, so be sure to look for them when choosing a video conferencing platform.

  • Screen sharing and screen annotation allow for easy interactivity.
  • HD video quality simulates real-life interactions.
  • A notes feature makes it easy to send action items to participants after the meeting with the click of a button.
  • Remote control gives all participants the ability to control certain aspects of the meeting
  • Meeting transcription and unlimited recording storage are useful in case some people can’t attend a meeting.

Factor in Integration and Ease of Setup

Cloud-based video conferencing solutions are also easy to set up. Once users download the app on their laptop or mobile device, they can connect from anywhere. With some business-grade services, you users can get started right away – no training or onboarding is necessary for use. 

How to Ensure Security and Compliance

Another critical factor is security. To keep data safe and ensure your video calls are secure, verify that the vendor you use offers adequate encryption and security controls. If your organization is in a highly regulated industry such as healthcare or finance, ensure your platform is capable of meeting your compliance needs. The following are standard security features an online meeting solution for businesses should offer:

  • Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP), which offers encryption and message authentication
  • Meeting lock
  • Muting controls
  • Meeting passwords
  • Host control over security settings

Tips for Using Video Conferencing Software

When using video conferencing for online meetings, keep these basic etiquette tips and best practices in mind:

  • Remind participants not to share passwords or meeting IDs.
  • If recording the meeting, let participants know ahead of time.
  • Encourage muting when not talking to remove distractions.

Where Will Video Conferencing Fit into the Post-Pandemic Business World?

Once the pandemic does end – experts expect a relative return to normalcy by late 2021 – many organizations will continue using video conferencing for communication and collaboration. There are a few reasons for this. One, the majority of office employees will use a hybrid work model. Some employees may return to the office full-time, but many will work remote for at least part of the work-week.

Video conferencing usage will also continue because it helps organizations save money on travel costs. There’s no need to pay for business trip transportation, accommodation, and employee meals when you can hold a virtual meeting with high-quality software.

The third factor is habit. Millions of people who rarely or never tried video meetings and webinars used this technology during the pandemic. From kindergarteners to CEOs, America has been showing up to our at-home desks and logging on to connect in a virtual environment. In the process, we’ve all learned how effective, convenient, and useful video conferencing can be.

With a platform that ticks all the boxes for compliance, integration, ease-of-use, and price, your organization can get the most out of this now foundational business communications tool in 2021 and beyond. Intermedia AnyMeeting is a powerful solution that enables engaging meetings. With HD audio and video quality, a plethora of productivity features, and industry-leading security, your organization can stay connected stress-free. Sign-up today for a free trial to see if it’s the best fit for your business.

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