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TSIA interviews Intermedia VP Connie Adcock about our TSIA and J.D. Power certification

When speaking about Intermedia’s Worry-Free Experience™, it can be difficult to summarize, in a few words, everything that our Worry-Free commitment embodies. Sure, it’s 24/7 phone support, but it also includes so much more, such as a service level agreement tied to less than 26 seconds of unplanned monthly downtime, enterprise-grade security, and free expert migrations and onboarding. Most importantly, though, Worry-Free means that more than 85,000 companies and 6,000 active partners feel that they can rely on us.

Late last year, we found a new, better way to demonstrate to customers and partners what we mean by Worry-Free Experience: we announced that the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) and J.D. Power certified Intermedia for excellence in Assisted Technical Support.

We were the first cloud software industry leader to achieve this prestigious certification, so we’re extremely proud of this accomplishment. Part of the certification process involves undergoing a rigorous audit conducted by TSIA that evaluates a company against roughly 250 criteria established as best practices for assisted technical support.

Recently, our VP of Client Services, Connie Adcock, sat down with Nicole Dornsife from TSIA to discuss the audit process and our experiences with the certification program. That interview has been published in TSIA’s blog, Inside Technology Services.

Here are a few quotes from Connie’s interview:

When asked about the impact that receiving certification has had for Intermedia:

“The certifications have made such a great impact. We’ve seen our metrics and customer satisfaction increase, and we just keep getting better. We’re continually improving our leadership approach, management skills, our attention to detail, and everyone within the company has learned so much from it, cross-functionally.”

When asked for any advice for companies considering participating in TSIA’s certification program:

“I think that most everyone would like to continually improve, and TSIA provides such a great and well-organized structure that gives you support, sets standards, benchmarks, gives you opportunities to learn, and has a noticeable impact on your metrics and your business.”


Learn more about Intermedia’s experience with TSIA’s Strategic Certification program by reading Connie’s full interview on the TSIA blog.

About Kirsten Barta

Kirsten Barta is Sr Marketing Communications Manager at Intermedia