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The data is in: when office workers need to get things done, the phone still rules

With the rise of new chat tools like Slack and advancements in video technology, today’s office workers have no shortage of ways to communicate with co-workers, clients, and partners. And with more than 60% of US companies offering remote-work arrangements, being able to easily communicate and collaborate is more important than ever.

But when it comes to getting things done, what do people rely on? Intermedia asked this question and more to 1,000+ US office workers to learn more about what tools they prefer to use when communicating and in what situation.

And guess what? The phone still rules. In fact, if office workers need an immediate answer more than half (54%) turn to the phone over email, video chat or IM/chat.

Office workers prefer to communicate via phone for immediate answers[1]

  • For office workers, the phone (54%) is the most preferred way to communicate when an immediate answer is necessary
    • Every department (accounting/finance, legal, HR, IT, production, marketing, operations, R&D and sales) says the phone is their communication method of choice when an immediate answer is needed
  • The phone (32%) is the most popular way to have a brainstorming session alongside email (32%)
  • Behind email (62%), office workers prefer to use the phone (13%) for daily communication with co-workers
  • Behind email (51%), the phone is the most preferred way to discuss confidential or proprietary information (41%)
  • Millennials prefer email for every other communication scenario, except for when they need an immediate answer in which case more than half (53%) will pick up the phone
  • For companies with fewer than 20 employees, the phone is preferred for discussing confidential or proprietary information (56%), having a brainstorming session (29%) or when an immediate answer is needed (63%)

The phone isn’t going away anytime soon and it’s an important tool for collaboration, even with the growing use of video and IM/Chat. Intermedia is committed to offering SMBs cloud-based voice and UC solutions that improve reliability, eliminate uptime issues, and enable mobile users, all while reducing phone bills. And it doesn’t stop there. We also offer business email, file backup & sharing, email archiving, and more. So when it comes to user productivity, Intermedia has you covered.

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Survey Methodology

This study was commissioned by Intermedia and delivered by Precision Sample®, an independent market research organization. Precision Sample has an active proprietary panel of over 3.5M respondents that is routinely validated with a stringent screening process including Verity® and RelevantID by Imperium®. Results derived from an 11-minute online survey instrument with 45 total questions, fielded June 1-5, 2017. Setup questions were used to ensure that only U.S. knowledge workers were in the sample, which was defined as those who routinely work in an office environment. Overall margin of error of +/- 2.95% at a 95% confidence interval.


[1]The data excludes “in-person” as a response option

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