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The Biggest Profitability Mistakes Channels Partners Make, Revealed

There’s more to a partner’s profitability story than margin. While we enable our partners to set their own margins by selling services under their own name, there’s another hidden gem to overall profitability – time saved. That’s why we commissioned IPED Consulting to statistically measure the major components of running a channel business, and the time spend associated with each.

As a result, we’ve pinpointed the biggest inefficiencies that channel providers experience day-to-day when serving their customers. Read on to learn more about what they are, and how Intermedia can help you avoid these common profitability pitfalls.

Profits are made of more than margin

According to survey results, the average channel partner works with 4 different vendors to deliver services and support to their customer base every month. These activities result in the following monthly time spend[1]:

  • Provisioning: 8 hours per customer
  • Billing: 5 hours per customer
  • Marketing: 22 total hours
  • Support: 6 hours per customer

Over the course of a year, this can really add up. This leads to an important question – would you rather put your precious time toward unnecessary support issues, or toward determining new ways to scale your business?

Intermedia’s 5 Pillars of Profitability

By sourcing and managing services with Intermedia versus multiple providers, partners can increase workplace efficiency, eliminate unnecessary overhead, and ultimately build a more profitable business. Let’s take a deep dive into these 5 Pillars of Profitability and where multi-vendor inefficiencies crop up the most:

  1. Provisioning: Sourcing solutions from different vendors means using different portals and vendor tools to add, delete or alter services. With Intermedia, partners can provision under a single pane of glass, and from anywhere.
  2. Billing: Different vendors equate to multiple bills and having to check each for accuracy. With Intermedia, partners can have a single, simple, itemized source for customer information, which can increase billing efficiency.
  3. Marketing: To market effectively, partners need to conduct market research, create content, and stand up landing pages, not to mention deploying and managing campaigns. All Intermedia partners have access to tons of free marketing resources to help increase overall marketing efficiency and drive more leads.
  4. Support: Sourcing products from a bunch of vendors means varied numbers to call and support queues to enter. The time to orchestrate and coordinate support can quickly add up. Intermedia’s single source of J.D. Power-certified 24/7 support[2] and soft transfers to different product experts can increase support efficiency.
  5. Uptime: Uptime can be closely tied to time spent supporting your customers. For example, Microsoft® has a 99.9% uptime around Office 365®[3], which means there can be as much as 8 hours of unplanned downtime per year. Intermedia’s services come backed by a 99.999% uptime service level agreement (SLA), which equates to less than 6 minutes of unplanned downtime per year. Narrowing downtime from hours to just minutes can save channel partners from losing customer communications, productivity, and significant revenue, just to name a few. But also, given that the cost of downtime to end customers averages at $100,000/hour or more[4], partners can save their customers money by leveraging Intermedia’s services as well.

Are you taking advantage of everything Intermedia has to offer? Contact your Intermedia representative to learn more, or request a call back.

[1] Findings from IPED Consulting May 2017 survey of 218 solution providers (MSP, VAR, SI, etc.), commissioned by Intermedia

[2] J.D. Power 2017 Certified Assisted Technical Program, developed in conjunction with TSIA. Based on successful completion of an audit and exceeding a customer satisfaction benchmark for assisted support operations. For more information, visit or

[3] Microsoft and Office 365 are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

[4] “98% of organizations say a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000;” ITCI:

About Mark Creamer

Mark Creamer is a Channel Marketing Manager at Intermedia.