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Spring cleaning for file management: Evaluate your system for 3 essential features

It’s spring cleaning time! And while I know people think of spring cleaning as something you do around the house, it’s a good idea for businesses, too.

Now is the perfect time to evaluate the tools your business is using and whether they are really making your employees more productive and truly protecting your data. In many cases, tools will either do one or the other, but not both. Let’s take file management as an example.

Spring cleaning for file management: Evaluate your current system

How are your files protected? What do employees use for file sharing? Are you using multiple solutions to manage your files? One tool for backup and one tool for collaboration?

In 2016, effective file management requires:

  1. File backup: This includes protection against hard drive crashes, lost computers and stolen devices…to name a few. Did you make it out of 2015 without losing data from a hard drive failure or computer accident? Research shows that 22% of hard drives won’t even last four years. How are you safeguarding your data?
  2. Sharing and collaboration on files: Employees need to be able to share and collaborate on files within your organization and with outside clients and colleagues. They need to easily access files remotely using mobile devices. If you’re still making them use a VPN to get into an on-premises file server, then it’s really time to move to the cloud. If you’re using a cloud-based file sharing solution like Dropbox or OneDrive, you need to make sure your files are properly secured.
  3. Watch your budget: #1 and #2 usually require separate tools that aren’t well integrated. In 2016, you need to look beyond this approach to find a 2-in-1 service that brings together real-time backup and enterprise-grade file sharing. This will reduce both costs and complexity.

SecuriSync — The 2-in-1 solution for backup and file sharing

Instead of deploying multiple vendors for different aspects of file management (e.g. Dropbox, Box or OneDrive for file sync and share; Carbonite, CrashPlan or Mozy for file backup), now you only need a single tool for using, managing and protecting user files: SecuriSync® from Intermedia.

SecuriSync eliminates backup’s weak spots by providing:


  • Real-time backup: Avoids versioning gaps caused by scheduled backup
  • Mobile access: Users stay productive, even while a PC is being restored with mobile and web access to their file set
  • Simplified pricing: SecuriSync is priced on a per-user basis, and backs up files regardless of which device is used to modify them
  • Easy administration: Compliance and eDiscovery are simpler when there’s just one vendor with domain over your files

When backup meets file sharing, your users work better—and IT management is simpler and less expensive.

Learn more about SecuriSync

Visit our website to dive deeper into SecuriSync’s features and benefits. And if you have any questions, give us a call at 800-379-7729. Also, download our free white paper below to see how SecuriSync’s 2-in-1 backup and file sharing capabilities can benefit your business.

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