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Six secrets to a successful email onboarding experience

I’ve attempted on numerous occasions to explain how an iPad works to my dad, but I’ve never quite succeeded. Our FaceTime sessions are still constantly interrupted by the video going on pause and his voice hollering for my mom to figure out what’s wrong.

You’ve probably had that experience as well. When you work with a product day in and day out, a lot of it is obvious to you. You know how to navigate through it, make use of certain features and have a general knowledge of what the best practices are. But for a first time user, this may not be as instinctual.

This is one reason why Intermedia is so hands-on during the Exchange onboarding experience. Cloud Concierge team is here 24/7 in case a user has a challenge. Now, to make it even easier, we’ve put together this checklist to help users prepare for a truly worry-free migration.

1. Know your local systems and resources.

When it comes time to cut-over to Intermedia’s services, it’s helpful for the onboarding team to know where to marshal your local resources. You should have answers to the following questions:

  • What level of resources are available on site?
  • Are there multiple sites which will need to be taken into account?
  • Is the internet high-speed, or will some sites need to cut-over overnight to avoid maxing out the daytime bandwidth?


2. See who needs the VIP treatment.

We understand that not all users are created equal. Some employees have huge mailboxes or need immediate access to their data. Let us know who they are. We’ve developed techniques over thousands of migrations to accommodate power users, C-level clients and other VIP accounts.


3. Audit your legacy interactions.

Local mail systems often have dozens of services connected to them in various ways, acting as a smart host or a relay or basic SMTP. We accommodate these kinds of systems by testing systems capabilities with you. For example, things like firewall alert systems will still deliver to the right users. Let us know if you have dependencies like this and we will work with you to ensure delivery with no disruption.


4. Make sure your users are in the know.

Cutting over to a new system as vital as email often generates a lot of questions from end users. It’s been our experience that if the expectation is set with users from the beginning, they’ll have fewer surprises and be much happier in the long run. We provide pre-written end user communication documents for you to use or modify to help get the word out and answer common questions from setting up phones to “gotchas” like having to move signatures or auto-complete on a workstation.


5. Don’t forget your legacy data stores.

When moving to a new service, admins and users alike have the opportunity to conduct cleanup and assessment of things like Public Folders. Often they are no longer in use or filled with data that could be better managed in a system like SharePoint or Intermedia’s SecuriSync. If you need to keep your Public Folders, let us know in advance of cut-over or moving to a more modern setup.


6. Identify compliance requirements and other special needs.

We often migrate customers who are SEC regulated and require journaling. We work with providers like LiveOffice, Smarsh and others. If you need ultra-high levels of control and security on mobile devices, we also support MobileIron on our Exchange 2010 platform. Things like Company Disclaimers can also be accommodated with multiple variables based on your Active Directory. Let us know what you need and we will work with you to accommodate.


Get the full details of our migration process

Want to learn more about our free onboarding and migration process? Read our migration post-sales documentation. And if you have any questions, you can give us a call at 1-800-379-7729.

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