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SIP Trunks Save Rainier Title More Than 40% Every Month

Are you looking to take advantage of the cost savings of VoIP but have a phone system you just aren’t ready to part with? With Intermedia’s SIP Trunking, businesses can cut ties with the expensive phone company while still utilizing an existing phone system.

Save up front and onward with cloud voice

Rainier Title will be the first to tell you how routing calls over an internet connection can save on both upfront and recurring voice service costs. For over three decades the title & escrow company had achieved great success, with 11 offices spread across the Pacific Northwest. However, its mishmash of voice carriers and UC systems had caught up with them.

Working with Intermedia partner, Efficient Communication Solutions, Inc. (ECS), Rainier Title has been able to:

  • achieve centralized system administration
  • remove analog gateways required for local service
  • control outbound Caller ID, enabling employees to take their DIDs when moving offices without impacting their residential customer base
  • give all employees access to the same service features
  • rest easy knowing it is protected from local outages with Intermedia’s automatic network failover coverage and 99.999% financially-backed SLA

By dynamically sharing SIP Trunks instead of paying on a per-line basis for physical phone lines, Rainier Title has achieved a 40% savings on just its monthly phone bill. Migrating to an Avaya IP Office platform at its primary office location with IP Phones at each remote office resulted in an equipment reduction of 90%, saving Rainier Title thousands every year in support and upgrade costs. 

Use SIP Trunks to scale voice service

I checked in with Rainier Title’s Director of Information Technology, Brian Skurski for his thoughts on how things are going and he had this to share: “Since implementing Intermedia’s SIP Trunking, we’ve been able to more easily scale our operations. Not only have we grown our overall headcount, we’ve also opened two new offices. Plus, centralized SIP Trunking is substantially less expensive than all the PRI’s and analog lines we had from previous carriers.”

Partners: boost revenue by selling SIP Trunking

Partners, are you offering SIP Trunking like ECS? With Intermedia’s SIP Trunks, you’ll receive both upfront ($25-$75 per channel/line depending on the size of the deal) and recurring (up to 20% monthly) commissions. To learn more about Intermedia’s Partner Program, visit

Looking to simplify management, reduce costs, and give employees a unified cloud voice experience? Visit our website for more information about SIP Trunking and Intermedia’s complete suite of business communications services.

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