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Ryan Barrett talks IT risk management and compliance with Michael Heller at TechTarget

As we start planning for 2016, I’m sure a lot of us will be focused on “doing more with less”. That includes streamlining processes and finding ways to speed up time-consuming tasks. But some things just can’t be rushed. I’m thinking specifically of the work IT admins do to mitigate security risks and comply with government regulations.

Risk management is a major priority for today’s IT admins

IT risk management is a hot topic right now, and for good reason. When you hear about government offices and businesses getting hacked and the litigation and monetary losses that follow, you can understand why smart companies are investing time and effort in thorough risk management.

In fact, Michael Heller, Senior Reporter at TechTarget, recently spoke with our very own VP of Security and Privacy, Ryan Barrett, about the importance of risk management in the world of systems administration. You can read the full article here.

Heller sets the scene by talking about the recently published TechTarget 2015 Annual Salary and Careers Survey, which surveys IT admins in North America about their jobs, including how much time and resources they spend on various tasks.

In the survey, 34% of respondents said that IT risk management was “an area of security that occupied the most time” while compliance was 25%. Ryan was asked to go into detail about the time-consuming nature of risk management and why it’s so vital to a company’s IT strategy.

Regulatory compliance grows in importance in 2016

According to the survey, a second major area of focus for today’s IT admin is regulatory compliance. Most industries today face some sort of compliance challenge depending on what they do and who they work with.

Ryan classifies the various actions and investments companies take to ensure compliance into three main categories: security, permanence and audit-ability. Each area requires an investment of time and resources on the part of IT. And each area can be a reason for newly-sprouted grey hairs and worry lines.

Let someone else manage IT for you

When I think of the headaches IT admins experience when trying to fashion systems that can withstand regulatory scrutiny and protect against untold risks, I realize that the answer really lies in outsourcing that effort to someone else. Specifically, outsourcing to a cloud provider who has the resources and the expertise to secure, preserve and manage your data and your IT systems for you.

Our recent 2015 Insider Risk Report looks at the security risks faced by companies of all sizes and the various ways that cloud-based IT services can help. Give it a read and download our best practices guide for great advice on mitigating security risks and bolstering regulatory compliance.

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