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Quick Tips: The Live webinar checklist: Your 30-day activity countdown

Successful companies hold webinars regularly to effectively communicate content and help drive leads. But preparing for a webinar can be a daunting task if you aren’t familiar with them or don’t have the internal resources to manage it.

That’s why we worked with webinar expert, Ken Molay, President of Webinar Success to provide you with a Webinar Checklist to help keep you on track.

One month out

To start, we recommend giving yourself at least 30 days to create and prepare for a successful webinar.

  • Secure speaker and confirm availability
  • Review your webinar title and description, confirm date and time
  • Review your webinar registration/landing page to share with your audience

Pro Tip: Share this information with your marketing and sales team ASAP so they can begin talking about your webinar to create buzz and get people excited to sign up.

  • Schedule a time to rehearse with your webinar team and presenter, including identifying all key players and their responsibilities
  • Create a survey that attendees will receive at the end of the webinar
  • Send your speaker an outline of your webinar so they know what to expect

Pro Tip: If you’re hosting a pre-recorded webinar, it’s important to be transparent with your audience. This way, you are available to answer questions throughout the webinar and offer a better and more engaging experience.

  • Decide on your Goals/KPIs (e.g. are you looking to add to your lead funnel and get names for an email list or are you hoping to prove yourself as a trusted resource in your industry)
  • Develop your slides
  • Ask the speaker to promote your webinar
    • Share registration page through emails and social media posts
    • Publish a blog post that provides an intro to your topic with a link to your webinar
    • Have your guest speaker blog on other outlets to get the word out

One week out

  • Review and finalize your slides
  • Send promotional emails with a call-to-action to register for your webinar
  • Conduct a webinar rehearsal, platform walkthrough and technical test

Pro Tip: This is a good time to reiterate the timing of your transitions and poll questions or any details about the introduction.

Day of webinar

  • Send final reminders to your audience via social media and email about your webinar
  • Sign-in 15 minutes early to the webinar platform. Go over any last-minute details while waiting in the “Green Room” before the webinar begins
  • Press “Go On Air” to go live
  • Have a great webinar!

After your webinar

  • Send a thank you email to those who had registered and attended your webinar

Pro Tip: Segment your email list between these two groups. Include a link to the recording of your webinar as well as the registration link for your next webinar.

  • Write a summary of your webinar on your company’s blog including a link to the recorded version
  • Share the blog summary on your company’s social channels and in the next email newsletter
  • Repurpose the content of your webinar, poll findings and audience questions to maintain a strong content pipeline

Hosting a good webinar always comes back to how prepared you were. With this checklist, you should be well on your way to hosting a webinar that’s both engaging and runs smoothly.

Read more about Intermedia AnyMeeting Webinar and, if you haven’t already done so, start a free trial and host your first webinar.

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Mark is the Senior Vice President of Unified Communications, Product and Marketing at Intermedia.