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Protect your business against the Legion of Downtime

Picture this: You’re on the phone with a prospective customer and you’re about to close the deal. Suddenly the fire alarm goes off. You have to hang up and evacuate the building. It turns out the office next door has a gas leak and the whole building is being shut down for the rest of the day, and possibly tomorrow, while the gas company comes in to fix it. What does that mean for your business? If customers call your office, will they just get voicemail all day?

If a disaster strikes, will your phones still work?

Our new report, “Shield your phones from the Legion of Downtime“, discusses the impact an unexpected event like a gas leak or a natural disaster can have on a business that isn’t prepared.

The Legion of Downtime—the villains of this story—are the disruptions conspiring to bring down your business.There are eight main bad guys:

The key to surviving an attack by the Downtime Villains is maintaining a working communications system.

Even if your business isn’t fully operational, at least you’ll be able to contact your customers, partners, and suppliers and keep them informed of your situation. A cloud-based phone system can be a powerful weapon against the Forces of Downtime.

You need powerful weapons to defend against Downtime Villains

Check out our full report to learn more about the impacts of disruption on business. We’ll show you how moving your phones to the cloud and creating a comprehensive business continuity plan be powerful weapons in your fight against downtime.

And don’t forget to download our business continuity planning guide for help in developing a comprehensive business continuity strategy to shield your business from the effects of downtime. You’ll also be able to download a very informative white paper that describes the key infrastructure components of a voice cloud.

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