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Customer success story: Primitive Logic

With a highly dispersed workforce, Primitive Logic provides business strategy consulting and technology solutions to companies around the country.

As their business has grown and their workers have become more mobile, Primitive Logic realized their on-premises phone solution wasn’t able to keep up. Every time there was an issue, they had to call in an expensive third-party support service. It was time to make a change.

Any new system they chose needed to provide greater control over how calls could be made, forwarded and received. Kalvin Lee, Director of IT at Primitive Logic, explains, “With our onsite voice system, unanswered calls were forwarded to voicemail. The trouble was that employees didn’t always have time to call in to check them in a timely manner.”

Stay on-prem or move to the cloud?

Primitive Logic had three choices — stay with an on-premises system, go with a hybrid solution, or move to the cloud. Staying with an on-premises solution wouldn’t solve the issue of service reliability. The threat of downtime was just too great. And a hybrid system wouldn’t give them the flexibility and call control their employees needed. Primitive Logic realized it was time to move to the cloud.

Read the full case study to learn how Primitive Logic found success with Intermedia’s Hosted PBX solution.

And learn more about the benefits of moving your phone system to the cloud by checking out our recent report, “Shield your phones from the Legion of Downtime“. Don’t forget to download our business continuity planning guide to help get your business ready to withstand unexpected disruptions.


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